Food you should keep out of the fridge

19 September 2014 · Laurene


There are many foods that we should keep out the fridge in order to maintain their properties.

Here are 4 foods you should keep away from the fridge. It may surprise you.






The cold accelerates the ripening process. If you keep garlic out of the refrigerator it will prevent all your food from getting impregnated with its odor.



Honey can be stored in your pantry for years and it will stay good forever. It doesn’t expire and you don’t need to put it in the fridge. Also, if you put it in the fridge it will crystallize and too hard to be used.



Tomatoes are delicate and the cold has a negative effect on them. It leaves them a very unpleasant texture and make them lose their properties.



The flavors and aromas of spices are more intense with the heat. This is the reason why you should not put them in the fridge. Cold diminish a lot the intensity of its flavor.


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