How to lose weight the healthy way?

11 July 2014 · Laurene


You should be very careful with diets that promise a rapid weight loss. It can be unhealthy and very dangerous. We will give you some advices about how a diet should be. Learn how to lose weight the healthy way?


healthy diet



For a quick weight loss, it is recommended to focus on ingredients like fruits, vegetables, boiled eggs, chicken breast without skin, fish, fat-free foods, or low fat milk products.

If you follow these rules, you should lose weight easily:

Eat plenty of vegetables.

Drink a lot of water.

Keep away all the foods that you shouldn’t eat such as candies, chocolate, junk-food.

Keep busy, eating because you are bored is a natural reaction.

Do not skip meals.

Keep a food diary, writing down everything you eat can help keep you focused.

Do sport. If you don’t like to exercise outside you can do some yoga or fitness at home. 


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