Slim down with wine: a wineglass before to go to bed

25 February 2016 · Alessandra


Do you know that wine is good to lose weight?


We are not saying that wine has miraculous properties that will make you lose weight or that it will help you at the gym, this has to do with common sense.    


 It seems that drinking a glass of wine after lunch reduces snaking between meals; there is no question that anything is better  than have a glass of wine as dessert than that chocolate square or, worse, industrial sweet bun that is lasciviously glancing at you from the cupboard.

Already in 2010, in his book “The four Hour Workweek”, Tim Ferriss, told that have a glass of wine at night, after dinner, dramatically eliminates the urge of snaking when you do not have to: al that you eat at night become fat. If we want to skip the diet a little, it is better to do it in the morning, for breakfast or lunch. Skipping diet very occasionally is healthy, but, do not forget, very occasionally, not on alternate days.

Moreover, Harvard University realized a study on 20.000 women, whose result said that those women who habitually drank wine, were less prone to suffer from obesity.

So you already know that this is another of the many benefits of wine!

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