Food that seem healthy but is not

29 October 2014 · Laurene


Want a healthy snack? Maybe you don’t eat as healty as you think. We made a list of the most common food that seem healthy but is not.






Microwave popcorn is especially bad. Added chemicals in microwave bags have been shown to convert into carcinogens when heated, which is reason enough to ditch the kernel itself.


Yogurt covered raisins

Although yoghurt and raisins, individually, are generally pretty healthy yogurt covered raisins are not really what you think. They are actually a concoction of sugar, oil, milk powder, yogurt powder and corn syrup


Protein bars

Protein bars are also often high in energy enhancing sugars, packing in calories and burdening your weight loss.


Fast Food salads

Feeling proud because you ordered a caesar salad at your favourite fast food restaurant? Don't flatter yourself…these seemingly healthy processed salads are full of calories.


Granola cereals

Granola cereals are far more fattening than we think. They contain sugar, salt, powdered milk and other additives.


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