How to teach children to eat healthy?

02 September 2014 · Laurene


Most children love unhealthy food such as candies and fatty products. The truth is children are a reflection of what they see at home because they tend to imitate what their parents do.


family eating



Teaching your child to eat vegetables, fruits and healthy food does not have to be a hard work. Here we offer you some tips to teach children to eat healthy:


Try not to reprimand

This is the cause of more rebellion. Try to never threaten them with punishments because it is hard for them to understand the message.


Be the example

Parents should teach their children. They are the best example they can have, so always try to eat as healthy as possible.


Take your kids to grocery shopping

If you make your children come with you, you can explain where vegetables or fish come from and let them observe and become familiar with the food they have to eat.


Give your children different options

If you give your children the same food every day, they will get bored and will refuse to eat it. 

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