How to keep our teeth white and healthy?

02 July 2014 · Laurene


Keeping our teeth healthy is very important for our heath and our beauty. We give you some advices to keep our teeth with and healthy.


woman brushing teeth


Take a cup of tea every day

Tea is a good source of fluoride. They prevent dangerous bacteria from sticking to teeth and block production of sugar that gives cavities.


Clean Your Teeth Every day

Al least twice every day. Make sure you brush the space between your teeth and that you make it soft. Teeth are fragile and delicate.


Use the right teeth brush

Use a brush with soft and mild bristles. You must replace your brush when you see that bent bristles or you will harm the teeth.


Eat the right foods

Some ingredients can guard your teeth. For example, cheeses help in preventing cavities. You must take calcium-rich foods like milk, cheese and yogurt.


Drink water

Water not only keep you dehydrate and healthy but also make your teeth white. The more you drink water, the more and more bacteria you flush of your teeth as a result less risk of gum disease.


Clean your tongue

To remove tongue plaque make your breath fresh. A good reason of bad breath is increase bacteria on the tongue.


Go for check up

Al least once a year, you should visit the dentist. You can ask for a special treatment to make your teeth whiter.


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