How to avoid frauds?

16 June 2014 · Laurene


How to find out that an advertiser is fraudulent?

You need to be very careful with the ads you are interested in. It is important to look for a direct contact with the vendor, never give the seller money before receiving goods. If possible, meet the seller at the time of buying.


What should I do if I find a fraudulent ad?

For Clasf Safety is always in the first place this is why in the ad's page you will find a button that allows you to “Report the ad”. All contents reported will be considered illegal and deleted.


More security tips

Pay attention to all ads with a suspiciously low price, which have no direct contact information, where the seller answers in a poor English or where you are required to send money before having received the goods you are willing to buy.

If you suspect that an ad is not genuine, report it yourself or contact us if you need any clarification.

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