Bad habits that drain the energy

04 June 2014 · Laurene


We all have bad moments with a lack of energy. We explain you the main bad habits that drain the energy.


woman tired


The lack of sleep. If you don’t sleep much or bad you will feel tired physically and mentally, and will have a lack of energy. It is important to have a good quality mattress and pillow.

You skip the exercise because you are tired. It is a huge error. In fact it is demonstrated that people doing sport several times a week feel less tired and more energized that the others. You don't need to practice an amazing sport, you can just put your running shoes on and go running.

You don’t consume enough iron you will feel weak, irritable and tired. The lack of iron make people tired because less oxygen travel to the muscles and cells. Try to eat more eggs, nuts, vegetables and beans.

You skip breakfast? This is a bad habit as you don’t have any energy in the morning.  Breakfast is necessary to fuel your body for the rest of the day.

Junk food is also a bad habit. Too much carbohydrates increase blood sugar and cause fatigue. Try to eat more protein and less sugar.

If you drink alcohol before going to bed you will certainly have trouble to sleep and have a lack of energy.

Try to avoid all those habits to have more energy and be healthier.


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