5 Foods that help to lose weight

14 January 2016 · Alessandra

If we are trying to lose fat it is not enough to cut calories, it is also necessary to make sure that we are well informed about food in order to continue eating tastefully and to keep on with the fat-fighting.


Here we have 5 common and easy to find foods that will give you one hand in your battle to get back into shape.


Greek yoghurt. Greek yoghurt it is an extraordinary instrument for all those who are on a diet. What helps to slim down is its very high content of proteins, about twice the traditional yoghurt content.

Proteins requires a larger time to be digested, this means that a portion of Greek yoghurt will make you feel full longer. The fat-free version is even more advisable: it contains the same proteins and keeps fats under control.


Cinnamon. In many places of the world cinnamon it is not used only as a spice but also as a low-calorie sweetener. Researches show that he can balance the blood sugar levels, contributing to control the hunger.

Put a little of cinnamon in your coffee to get a drink sweet as you like without many calories.


Grapefruit. Contrary to the 80’s popular belief, the grapefruit doesn’t have any particular property useful to the fight against the fat. Its extraordinary quality is to make us feel full in although it gives a very low amount of calories.

To eat a grapefruit before to have the lunch or the dinner helps us to feel satisfy faster, therefore this is a strategy that everybody should to try.


Chili pepper.
 The chili pepper contains capsaicin, a substance that gives to it the typical spicy taste. The capsaicin contributes to speed up the metabolism and to control the hunger even if for a short time. The “slimming effect” is also psychological: people usually tend to consume smaller portions of spicy foods.


Coffee. Coffee speeds up metabolism and helps burn more fat even at rest. But we should not exaggerate with the additional ingredients, in fact when we talk about coffee we talk about a simple cup of it and not of lattes, cappuccinos or worse, those very high calories preparations that only conserves the coffee flavor but not its characteristics.  

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