Tips to fall asleep faster

08 September 2014 · Laurene

It is not always easy to sleep. Actually, many of us suffer from sleep disorders. We give you some tips to fall asleep faster.


women sleeping



Get out of bed

Your body has a bad reaction when you stay awake in bed willing to sleep. If you can’t sleep, get out of bed for a moment. Listen to music, read a book, or take a shower, it will helps you to fall asleep faster afterwards.


Practice Yoga, or meditate

These techniques are a good alternative to relax and have a better quality of sleep. Practice few minutes of yoga every day or join a yoga class to help you feel better.


Don't watch the clock

A common anxiety that is bad for sleep is the mounting awareness that you're not asleep when you should be. Stress doesn’t welcome relaxation at all.


Be careful with medication

You should take a medication as your last choice. Remember that it will you make sleepy the day after.


Consider seeing a doctor

If your sleeplessness is frequent and impairing, consider seeing a doctor. You probably need some help.

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