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30 May 2014 · Laurene


Clasf conducted a study in 15 countries based on the most popular categories of classified ads. The countries of this study are Spain, Portugal, UK, France, Italy, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Canada, South Africa, Pakistan and India.


This study is based on our knowledge of the market and on the comparision between the main websites in every country in order to show how different countries around the world use this type of websites.


The following infographic shows which is the most popular category in each country:


ads in the world


Extract of the study:

In South Africa, Vehicles are by far the products with the greatest presence in classified websites. They represent 34% of all ads. Real Estate ads are also very important, occupying 22% of the ads.




In Canada, the Fashion category has 14% of the total of ads. Then, Services category with 13% and Games with 10% of the ads.




In Mexico, cars are the most published itemswith 23% of the total. Afterthere is the Home and Garden category with 18%.In contrast to other countries, the Fashion category has very little significance.




In Venezuela, the most sold ítems in are cars. 26% of all of the ads in this country are in the Vehicles category. In second place, we find that Phones cover a 22% of the total. 




In Peru, as in most countries of Latin America, the most sold articles are Vehicles with a 17% of all ads. Next, we find the Fashion category, unlike other Latin American countries where this category is not very popular. 




In Colombia the most used category is Real Estate. However, Home and Garden share the same amount of ads with it. In second place is the Vehicles category.




In Brasil the most popular category is Home and Garden with almost 30% of all the published ads. Next, there is Vehicles and Real Estate. 




In Argentina, the category of Vehicles has 26% of ads, being the most popular in the country as in many other countries located in Latin America.




In Europe, we can notice differences. In Spain, the category with more ads is Real Estate with 37%, where you can find houses and properties for sale and rent. Then, we find Vehicles being the most important one, with 19%.




In France, Home and Garden is the most relevant category with a very high percentage of ads: 30% of the total. In this category we can find tables, furniture, sofas, etc. In second place Fashion with 11% and then Vehicles with 10%.




In UK the category with more ads is Fashion with 19% of ads. Home and Garden is in second place with 17%.




In Italy, the Vehicles category is the most significant as in many Latin-American countries. Real Estate ads are also important with a 15% of the total. 




In Portugal 21% of the ads are related to Home and Garden. In second place we find the Vehicles category. 




In India, Fashion is the most important category in India. Following, we find Vehicles and almost at the same level there are all those categories related to technology, as Phones and Computing. 




Pakistan is the only one that has Computing as the main category with a 23% of ads. Then, Real State and Phones are in second place with 16% each.







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