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Bird cage plus

South Africa
Very tall 70cm high bird cage. Groot voel hok 70cm. Bargain price. For: budgies, lovebirds, cocktails and other small parakeets. Includes free steel travel cage. Call/whatsapp/email no sms. Kevin. Pics can be emailed. In Vanderbijlpark
South Africa
Big Bird Cage on wheels for sale (Black) in Good Condition plus Male (1 year) & Female Cockatiel (1 year). Female Cockatiel very tame you can take her out the cage rub her head and very lOving, female grey with yellow spots male not so tame totally grey with yellow head. Breading wooden box and accessories included. R600 Neg
Pretoria (Gauteng)
1.2 x 2 x1.8 m. Loose roof. Perhaps swap for playstation plus games
Randfontein (Gauteng)
3 bird cages 1 big cage 1 small cage 1 half build cage plus extra meterial call 829 - show phone - 5/ 791 - show phone - 9
Midrand (Gauteng)
Bird Cage 1.8m Long X 900mm Wide X 2.25m High - R 2000 Love Birds in Cage 11 plus 3 youngsters - R 1650 Large water feeder, large seed feeder, many other bowls & toys, also 4 nests installed, detachable to clean, against back wall of cage - R 500. Total R 4150 Bird Cage 900mm X 900mm X 2m High - R 1100 Take ALL R 4500
South Africa
Just bought this bird this morning and its not agreeing with my other talking bird....they both talking.....


R 20

South Africa
SPECIALS: Combo 1: 1x curly hair 2cm 1xmex redrump 1cm 1x salmon pink 2cm R80, Combo 2: 1 x Scarlet birdeater 9-10cm 1 x Mexican golden redrump 7-8cm 1 x Mexican redrump 9-10cm 1 x Salmon pink birdeater 12cm R SPIDERLINGS: curly hair 2cm R10 each, salmon pink bird eater 2cm R60 each, mexican redrump 1cm R10 each, Salmon pink bird eater 4cm R100 plus cage, Versicolor 3-4cm R450 plus cage JUVENILES: Chilean rose 6-7cm female R400 plus cage, Cebu 6-7cm mature male R250 plus cage, Brazilian black and white 9-10cm R500 plus cage, Mexican fire leg 7-8cm R400 plus cage, Green bottle blue 8cm R400, Mexican golden redrump 7-8cm R400 plus cage, Chaco golden knee female 8cm R300 plus cage, Mexican pink zebra beauty 6cm R650 plus cage, Mexican redrump 9-10cm female R300 plus cage, Sri lankan ornamental 8-10cm R400 plus cage, Mexican redknee female 9cm R500 plus cage, Mexican fire leg 8-10cm R600 plus cage, Asian smokey 9-10cm female R500 plus cage, Chaco golden knee 6-7cm female R300 plus cage, Chilean rose 7-8cm female R500 plus cage, Scarlet birdeater 9-10cm R450 plus cage, ADULTS: Brazilian red and white cm mature male R200 plus cage, Curly hair cm female R500 plus cage, Sri lankan ornamental cm female R400 plus cage, Singapore blue cm R plus cage female, Mexican pink beauty 14cm female R plus cage, Frindged ornamental mature male 15cm R300 plus cage, Mysore ornamental cm R550 plus cage, Brazilian black and white 12cm female R800 plus cage, Green bottle blue female cm R800 plus cage, Salmon pink birdeater 12cm female R500 plus cage, TANKS: 100x150mm Rx100mm R50 OTHER: Peat bricks 1.5kg R25 Cricket munch R10 each Reptile lights 100w infrared red R100 Reptile cage 510x210x240mm R250 Many more hides waterbuckets plants trees hamster wheels hamster waterbottels 2B055ABB BBM WHATSAPP
South Africa
I have a female 1,4 meter yellow anaconda with cage. A 1,5 meter yellow rat snake female plus cage and a costa rican tiger rump tarantula with cage. Also a adult curley hair female with cage. And a 6 cm orange banded bird eater with cage take them all for 2 k. First come first serve. Want to sell them asap
Rustenburg (North West)
6 Bird cages in one. - plus other cage have 3 cages in one. With 3 birds in.

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