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Bird cage blue

Bird cage

R 150

Potchefstroom (North West)
Bird cage, blue in colour. It has been used and has been fixed on the one side. It is large enough for ring neck. As is: R150
South Africa
White in colour * Cage size: 60x41x40 * Plastic tray colour: White,Blue or Purple * Include divider, 4 perches & Food Dishes
Port Elizabeth (Eastern Cape)
R50 - Blue & White Small Bird Cage with plastic feeders and 2 perches Cage dimensions: 35cm X 35cm X 30cm Can be collected from Pari Park Contact cladia.sandy@gmail.com
Cape Town (Western Cape)
small bird cage for sale similar to one iin pic only colour is blue. dont use it anymore. selling for R50 contact collect in retreat
South Africa
hi...i have cages for sale,,,,as seen in pics....white cage rand....grey cage 650 rand...large blue cage ....birds also available.....
Johannesburg (Gauteng)
4 ringneck birds for sale, 2 blue 1 green 1 white and bird cage with accessories included all for R4500.its a bargin!! contact on: 627 - show phone - 4
South Africa
Hi. We are moving and can not keep the bird unfortunately. He is dna sexed. Bird only. Cage going seperately
Mount Fletcher (Eastern Cape)
Hi, I have an Amazon blue front for sale, +- 2 years old, with the cage, the bird speaks and is very intelligent, selling at R negotiable, contact
Mount Fletcher (Eastern Cape)
hi, i have an amazon blue front for sale, this bird is about 3 years old and speaks very well, comes complete with the cage, asking price is R slightly negotiable, its a male, serious buyers please call -
Johannesburg (Gauteng)
My bird getting lonely needs attention Owner travels frequently. Big cage with him. Padre is his name


R 20

South Africa
SPECIALS: Combo 1: 1x curly hair 2cm 1xmex redrump 1cm 1x salmon pink 2cm R80, Combo 2: 1 x Scarlet birdeater 9-10cm 1 x Mexican golden redrump 7-8cm 1 x Mexican redrump 9-10cm 1 x Salmon pink birdeater 12cm R SPIDERLINGS: curly hair 2cm R10 each, salmon pink bird eater 2cm R60 each, mexican redrump 1cm R10 each, Salmon pink bird eater 4cm R100 plus cage, Versicolor 3-4cm R450 plus cage JUVENILES: Chilean rose 6-7cm female R400 plus cage, Cebu 6-7cm mature male R250 plus cage, Brazilian black and white 9-10cm R500 plus cage, Mexican fire leg 7-8cm R400 plus cage, Green bottle blue 8cm R400, Mexican golden redrump 7-8cm R400 plus cage, Chaco golden knee female 8cm R300 plus cage, Mexican pink zebra beauty 6cm R650 plus cage, Mexican redrump 9-10cm female R300 plus cage, Sri lankan ornamental 8-10cm R400 plus cage, Mexican redknee female 9cm R500 plus cage, Mexican fire leg 8-10cm R600 plus cage, Asian smokey 9-10cm female R500 plus cage, Chaco golden knee 6-7cm female R300 plus cage, Chilean rose 7-8cm female R500 plus cage, Scarlet birdeater 9-10cm R450 plus cage, ADULTS: Brazilian red and white cm mature male R200 plus cage, Curly hair cm female R500 plus cage, Sri lankan ornamental cm female R400 plus cage, Singapore blue cm R plus cage female, Mexican pink beauty 14cm female R plus cage, Frindged ornamental mature male 15cm R300 plus cage, Mysore ornamental cm R550 plus cage, Brazilian black and white 12cm female R800 plus cage, Green bottle blue female cm R800 plus cage, Salmon pink birdeater 12cm female R500 plus cage, TANKS: 100x150mm Rx100mm R50 OTHER: Peat bricks 1.5kg R25 Cricket munch R10 each Reptile lights 100w infrared red R100 Reptile cage 510x210x240mm R250 Many more hides waterbuckets plants trees hamster wheels hamster waterbottels 2B055ABB BBM WHATSAPP
South Africa
Tarantulas for sale: • N.Tripeppi(Brazilian Giant Blonde) +- 7cm -R250 • N.Tripeppi(Brazilian Giant Blonde) +- 10cm -R350 incl glass cage • L.violacepes(Singapore Blue) +- 4cm -R180 -4 available • A.geniculata(Giant White Knee) +- 3cm -R80 -2 available • N.chromatus(Brazilian Red and White) +- 5cm -R70 - 2 available • N.chromatus(Brazilian Red and White) +- 7cm -R100 incl glass cage • L.parahybana(Salmon Pink) +- 5cm - R50 • L.parahybana(Salmon Pink) +- 6cm - R60 • L.parahybana(Salmon Pink) +- 8cm - R80 • L.parahybana(Salmon Pink) +- 10cm - R150 • L.parahybana(Salmon Pink) +- 13cm - R250 incl big plastic cage • L.parahybana(Salmon Pink) MF +-19cm - R400 • B.auratum(Flame Knee) +- 3cm - R150 • C.fimbriatus(Indian Violet) +- 3cm -R200 • A.sp peru purple +-4cm -R260 • C.dyscolus Blue(Vietnam Blue) +- 5cm -R250 incl glass cage • P.fasciata(Sri Lankan ornamental) +- 8cm -R250 incl glass cage -2 available • G.pulchripes(Chaco Golden Knee) slings -R40 each • G.pulchripes(Chaco Golden Knee) +-10cm -R250 incl glass cage • B.albopilosum(Curly Hair) +-9cm -R200 incl cage • B.albopilosum(Curly Hair) MF -R300 • B.vagan(Mexican Red Rump) +- 8cm -R80 • B.vagan(Mexican Red Rump) MF -R350 incl glass cage • C.fasciatum(Costa Rican Tiger Rump) +-6cm - R120 incl glass cage • C.fasciatum pair(MF + juvi male) -R450 incl her cage • B.albiceps(Golden Red Rump) -R600 incl cage or R550 excl • L.klugi(Scarlet Bird Eater) MF +-19cm- R550 incl glass cage Or L.klugi pair (above female + 14cm male) -R650 Photos available on request. Whatsapp Cheryl on 0722456860
South Africa
Ocean Memories Bed & Breakfast is a beautiful brand new Tuscan house conveniently situated in the upmarket suburb of Blouberg, Parklands. The perfect venue for holiday, and business travelers. Stunning unobstructed views from Table Mountain, and a warm welcome awaits you in this tranquilizing haven. We can sleep 6 people offering comfortable, luxury, and affordable accommodation with a relaxed,and friendly atmosphere. We are less than 8 minutes drive from the beach with its expansive panoramic views of Robben Island, and the Atlantic Ocean. Blouberg offers the classic picture postcard views of Table Mountain - a photographers dream. Bloubergstrand is proud to have blue flag status which ensures clean, and safe swimming beach with lifeguards in season.Bloubergstrand is one of the top kite surfing destinations in the world - try it for yourself or just enjoy watching them go by. In Cape Town you can also enjoy whale watching (June to November) Fresh water wetland, and bird sanctuary. Here you frequently see flamingos, pelicans, herows, fish eagle birds of prey, and many other bird species. We are within easy reach of the many tourist attractions Cape Town has to offer. Tourist Attractions (1) Horse riding (Less than 5 km) (2) Nature trails (Less than 2 km) (3) Ostrich farm (Less than 10 km) (4) Scuba diving (Less than 5 km) (5) Shark cage diving (Less than 10 km) (6) Water skiing (Less than 10 km) (7) Golf course (Less than 10 km) (8) Restaurants (Less than 3 km)

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