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Blank segment competition is only appearance? To survive, cheap decking composite in Finland companies have launched environmental warfare, technology, price war, war activities ...... but some people think so fierce battle for market share, but is a Representation. Why? It seems people in our industry, it belongs to a type of rough, simple, simple kind of competition. In the current flooring industry, mainly divided into two categories ,, one is divided by category, and the second is divided by grade, there is little emotional appeal to the consumer segments. Such as Mercedes-Benz, it can emphasize the feeling of the occupant of the second row, while BMW is emphasized handling, Volvo is the emphasis on safety. This industry, which is currently on the floor on the lack of a breakdown, we are generally distinguished by quality brands, such as high, medium and low. Competition will only stay in these areas. Unlimited business opportunities in market segments we look at the floor of the market, most of the companies are to fight technology, quality fight.
To grab a little more market, has introduced new products. From the consumer trend survey found that the introduction of new products, flooring business cycles are getting shorter, the product line industry has become increasingly diverse, original solid wood business, no longer focused on the wood, but wood composite strengthen full bloom. In addition, the flooring company is also involved in upstream and downstream industries, such as some diy porch railings and handrail companies to start with wooden doors, wallpaper, cabinets. Flooring business is aimed at the whole "pan-home" market, and market segments has been overlooked. It is said that the current focus of the domestic wood floor is not high enough, the market economic elements of capital, technology, human resources, which are not concentrated. The future of the market economy, wood flooring business from the current competition and service competition, and ultimately to the business model of competition and industrial platform competition. The higher the level of competition on the company's innovation capabilities, production capacity and financing capacity of the higher requirements. The best way out is to create a new industry ecosystem, mining and meet the higher demand for new users, innovate, surprise, expand the scale and enhance the brand.
Consumer demand rose from the functional to the emotional appeal in the depths of every human heart soft and delicate, are eager to live a little more vivid. Home as Xinlingyizhan, harbor life, it has long been rejected monotonous numbness, boycotted home decoration stereotyped. Home long been not just a place to live, it has been more and more wealthy owner of emotional needs. Floor as an important part of home decoration, how to get home to appreciate the connotation of love, the consumer guide the market, while shouting flooring business survival difficult, while they blind production, ignoring the real needs of the market. Perhaps flooring company who now need to do is to learn more about people's values ​​and consumer attitudes, with their special design concept and design style to impress consumers. We can say that the future product direction, with the improvement of people's living standards, basic needs will continue to increase upward.
How to lead the flooring brands in the product do very green, very durable, very comfortable at the same time, to enhance the spiritual value of the brand to consumers, it has become a true value, a consumer attitude, a quality, floor fell when companies need to seriously consider. Who will be the next BMW and Mercedes-Benz floor area? Compared to the automotive industry, automobile brand precise positioning, so that consumers find they need a very accurate automotive products. As you want to make the occupant feel better, you can choose Mercedes-Benz, want to emphasize handling, you can select BMW, and want to be safe, you can choose Volvo ...... However flooring market, consumers can clearly know Want to buy which brand flooring products phenomenon is very rare. How to face the huge market segment, who can seize the initiative? New opportunities to promote corporate restructuring necessary, but also to new flooring business development has brought enlightenment. The flooring industry in the development of a few decades, there have been some good [url=http://woodcompositedeck.com/deck-reviews/12958.html]veranda regency unrouted railing 2 pack white[/url] business development, but with the development of real estate and home industry chain, the flooring industry to achieve a breakthrough, the inevitable need new ideas and development models, market segments expand maybe a good way, I hope flooring companies be able to find the way for their own development, which was born out of the BMW and Mercedes-Benz flooring industry.


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Floor level competition still shallow
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