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Now more and more families are already installed geothermal or warm, warm it okay to install multilayer wood flooring? How about a multi-layer solid wood to heat the pvc deck board expansion? There are three commonly used wood flooring: solid wood flooring, multi-layer solid wood flooring and laminate flooring, choose to heat the floor should consider three factors, the first small amount of deformation; two, to better thermal conductivity; Third, moisture resistance and waterproof. Under the same environmental conditions, strong wood flooring large deformation of the floor, laminate flooring more layers of solid wood flooring large deformation. Small amounts of the reason is its multi-storey wood floor deformation substrate, each room had staggered, contain each other; the back there intensive anti-deformation trench, decomposition of stress generated by the heating surface, thus minimizing its deformation.
The floor of the thermal conductivity and thickness of the floor related to the thickness of the heat the floor and laminate flooring thickness similar, but, on the back of its resistance to deformation slots in favor of air circulation, reduce noise and thermal conductivity than laminate flooring. Winter indoor dry, generally be wet, the floor waterproof moisture resistance are equally important. Multi-layer solid wood flooring is specially treated samples soaked in water for 3-5 days, there will be no significant deformation; even after installation run a lot of ground water, soak bagging, just open the doors and windows to keep the air circulating, will soon restore to solve the customer after the laying of the other floors water, you can not be restored to worry about. In terms of anti-tide waterproof, multi-layer solid cost to tile patio is superior to other types of flooring. Multi-layer wood floor, please? Multi-layer wood to heat the floor how? As can be seen from the above three factors, the multi-layer wood flooring is the most suitable for warm geothermal floor.
 What is the best shop floor mats? Referring to the geothermal floor, many salespeople are referred to the mat. And say their own good. Using natural oak veneer production. Deformation, environmental protection, thermal insulation performance good, strengthen thermal. There is a use of ordinary plastic film. That in the end what Mats is good? Experts say 2 mm plastic film better foil pasted directly on the warm, heat plays a reflex action, not only thermal, but also hindered the heat volatilization. If the mat is too thick, it will lead to flexible, elastic big sports meeting under the floor, causing friction between the lock when walking will produce sound, and therefore undesirable. Under normal circumstances, select 2 mm thick plastic film, both can play a buffer role in shock absorption, also can be a good moisture barrier, and not too thick, will not affect heat conduction.
Regardless mats using cork, a plastic film material which, most importantly, to moisture, to make sure the floor and off the floor, resulting in deformation of the floor to prevent moisture intrusion. Consumers can purchase the reference standard number performed on the floor package, if there is the industry standard. "Of course not rule out some companies to be able to achieve this standard as geothermal [url=http://ecodeckprice.com/eco-solutions/4712.html]Covering Wood Deck Floor[/url] sales floor." You might be interested in: how to prevent the wood floor surface bagging, geothermal floor deformation due to damp and discolored What are the reasons?


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Floor heating installation multilayered wood flooring
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