Hi I have the Rarest of Silkies for Sale I have 2 magnificent Pure Bred Buff Fluffy Coloured Silkies for sale both are Young Roosters both are 4 an a half months old an in 1 months time ready to breed,1 Golden Rooster an 1 Black Rooster for sale,both are tame,an now let me give you some info on this Rare ornamental fluffy feather footed breed,This breed was developed in the Orient,in Japan the most common colour is White only but over years of breeding Coloured Silkies were developed, 5 toed Walnut Combed,these are not like your Bearded White Silkies which have Huge Crests on there head an Beards under there Wattels which I do breed also,these are just like your normal silkie but they coloured which makes them extremely rare I breed only the Buff types which means more feathers on the bird an makes them look more fluffy,The feathers do not have barbs or quills, and the feathers are soft an human hair like,This breed is very docile,they do well in our climate as well,an do well in pens,not a hard maintenance bird at all,an for 1 do not crow a lot or loud,hens are very broody,they lay 10 to 12 eggs at a time an hatch all,best mothers an the hens can incubate other eggs if put under them,if you cross these Roosters with your White Silkies you will get 50 percent black or Gold depends Which Silkie Rooster you take an the other 50 percent will come out White,they do well in in our climate may it be summer or winter an breed through all seasons,each Rooster is R800 each,they come from Imported Best of Bloodlines,if you put them with your hens they will produce outstanding magnificent chicks,I am a Registered Breeder an well known for my birds as I take part in Poultry Shows, i breed many types of chickens,you will always make out my birds where ever you go as I breed excellent feathered birds an only Pure Show birds an feet feathers that flow right threw there feet,if interested contact me I do have Whatsapp as well


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2 Pure Bred Coloured Silkie Roosters 1 black 1 gold !!
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