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First, cutting and drilling
1, the proposed use of alloy saw and drill tips: dilute saw teeth (such as 45 cm in diameter, 18-24 tooth) cutting easier. how to build a pavilion step by step

2, wood is easy to use, unlike wood, you do not have to consider the use of WPC wood grain direction or nodes.

3. When drilling large or deep holes, withdraw the drill bit to be timed to bring out the debris, you do not always want to disposable drilled.kompositt dekk trapp bygning

Second, the storage and stacking
1, compared with wood, WPC specific gravity and good toughness, no wood, should be used with caution. When the lift a similar volume of wood and wood, you may spend more effort and attention to split off.

2, stored on site, must be placed on a flat surface.design for tre plast dekk markiser

3. When stacking profiles, joist ends should be sensational, two adjacent joists center distance of not more than 60 cm, joists and profiles should be vertically aligned.

4, wood materials stacked outdoors to the whole bundle packaging, flat stacked to prevent deformation of the sun prolonged sun exposure.

5, due to the friction coefficient is not high wood hardwood floor, so transportation is not available at the time of shipment in wood board to Mian damage the floor surface.


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WPC installation and specification
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