Voice and Call Recorder for Mobile Phones - Bluetooth, 8GB Featuring one-button recording for phone calls and conversations, this Bluetooth Voice and Call Recorder is the easiest to use and most convenient... Manufacturer Specifications General Voice Activated Recording (VOR/VAR) Buttons: Recording, Playback, Menu Selection Built-in High Power Loudspeaker Bluetooth Functions: Answering calls, Recording conversation to memory, Redialing last number, External microphone recording, External USB (with password protection) Recording Modes: Long Play, Short Play, Ultra-high Quality, Super High Quality Battery Size: 380mAh Usage Time: 17 hours Languages: English, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Japanese, Korean, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Czech, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Hebrew, Thai, Hungarian, Romanian, Arabic, Greek, Indonesian Display Display Size: 1 Inch OLEDnew Non-Touchscreen Display Memory Internal: 8GB Micro SD card up to 8GB Media Formats: Recorded Format: MP3 Audio: MP3, WMA Ports Micro SD Card Slot Dimensions Main product dimensions: 95x30x15mm (L x W x D) Package Contents Bluetooth Voice and Call Recorder for Mobile Phones (8GB) Telephone Recorder Adapter Microphone Earphone 3._Benefits'> Orders processed and shipped within 24-hours 12 month warranty In-house QC Member discounts Award winning customer support Quantity order discounts Worldwide Shipping Certification: CE, FCC, RoHS Foreign Language Keywords Arabic - ￘ᄉ￙ネ￘ᆰ ￘ᄄ￙ト￙ネ￘ᆰ￙ネ￘ᆱ ￙ネ￙ナ￘ᄈ￘ᆲ￙ト ￘ᄃ￙ト￙ナ￙テ￘ᄃ￙ト￙ナ￘ᄅ; Chinese Simplified - │モン￧ノル│ᆵᆳ←゚ᄈ¥メフ￧ヤᄉ│ᆵン¥ᄑユ←゚ᄈ₩ワᄎ; Czech - Bluetooth hlas a Call Recorder; Danish - Bluetooth-stemme og Call Recorder; Dutch - Bluetooth stem en Call Recorder; French - Bluetooth Voice et enregistreur d'appel; German - Bluetooth Voice- und Call Recorder; Greek - Bluetooth φωνᅫᆴ και το Call Recorder; Hindi - ¢ᄂᆲ¢ᆬヘ¢ᄂᄇ¢ᆬツ¢ᄂ゚¢ᆬツ¢ᄂᆬ ¢ᄂニ¢ᄂᄉ¢ᄂᄒ¢ᄂワ ¢ᄂヤ¢ᄂᄚ ¢ᄂユ¢ᆬノ¢ᄂᄇ ¢ᄂᄚ¢ᄂ﾿¢ᄂユ¢ᆬノ¢ᄂᄚ¢ᆬヘ¢ᄂᄀ¢ᄂᄚ; Indonesian - Bluetooth suara dan panggilan perekam; Italian - Bluetooth vocale e Call Recorder; Japanese - Bluetooth  ̄チᆴ←゚ᄈ¥ᆪᄚ ̄チハ ̄ツネ ̄チᄈ¥ムᄐ¥ヌᄎ ̄チラ ̄テᆲ ̄ツᄈ ̄テᄐ ̄テタ ̄テᄐ; Korean - →ᄌヤ→ᆪᄄ■ネᆲ↓ハᄂ ↓ンフ↓トᄆ →ᄚマ ↓ᅠト■ルヤ →ᅠネ↓ᄑヤ→ヘヤ; Norwegian - Bluetooth stemme og samtale opptaker; Polish - Gᅤツos Bluetooth i rejestrator rozmów FonTel; Portuguese - Bluetooth voz e gravador de chamada; Russian - ￐モ￐ᄒ￐ᄏ￐ᄒ￑チ Bluetooth ￐ᄌ ￐ᄇ￑ヒ￐ᄋ￐ᄒ￐ᄇ￐ᄚ ￑タ￐ᄉ￐ᄎ￐ᄒ￑タ￐ᄡ￐ᄉ￑タ; Spanish - Bluetooth voz y Call Recorder; Thai - ¢ᄌレ¢ᄌᆬ¢ᄌᄍ¢ᄌラ¢ᄌᄍ¢ᄌリ¢ᄍタ¢ᄌᆰ¢ᄌᄉ¢ᄌᄁ¢ᄌヌ¢ᄍチ¢ᄌᆬ¢ᄌᄚ¢ᄌᆰ¢ᄌᄇ¢ᄌᄁ¢ᄍタ¢ᄌᆰ¢ᄌᄉ¢ᄌᄁ¢ᄌヌ


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Voice and Call Recorder for Mobile Phones - Bluetooth, 8GB
Price: R 1.399,00
R 1.399,00
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