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Solar driveway alarm system

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Johannesburg (Gauteng)
• Low cost energy pack for affordable low cost housing or sites which require affordable lighting • Portable - charge and carry • Uses sunlight to charge battery • From 20 to 60 hours light on one charge using a 2W LED light (Model dependant) • 4 simultaneous 12V outputs • USB port for cellphone charger • Internal low battery protector • 4 models available with different battery capacity, 7.2A, 9A, 12A & 20A • 2 x 2W LED lights part of the kit • More lights can be purchased as required • Respective Solar Panel with the kit • A life time product • Internal MPPT Lead Acid Battery charger This state of the art product, designed and manufactured locally, integrates a microprocessor controlled MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) algorithm which ensures the most efficient power is extracted from the solar panel to charge the internal lead acid battery. An LED display indicates the approximate capacity of the battery at all times, and an audible alarm will sound every few seconds when the battery has reached 25% of capacity. Continuation of use of the battery to the point of critical discharge, will cause the system to shut down in order to save the battery from a complete discharge. During this time the audible alarm will sound every few seconds to inform the user that the battery is at acritical low discharge point, and requires a recharge. As soon as a solar panel is connected, and sufficient sun light is available to the solar panel, the internal charger will immediately start charging the battery. In the case that solar is not available, a 17V 1Amp PSU can be connected for a few hours to charge the internal battery. Specifications: 4 models available :- 7.2Amp internal battery with a 10Watt Solar panel 9Amp internal battery with a 20Watt Solar panel 12Amp internal battery with a 20Watt solar panel 20Amp internal battery with a 30 or 35Watt solar panel USB output 5V at 1Amp Combined 12V DC output 10Amps – Internal fuse protected Short circuit 10Amps internal Fuse protected Maximum PV input Voltage 25V PV fully loaded MPPT 17-18V PV Maximum current 1.4Amps, 2.4Amps on model with 35W PV. 2Watt LED 10 to 30V DC operation – polarity protected Low cost 240 Lumens to comfortably light up a 3 m by 3 m room Will draw 2 watts irrespective of voltage Built in SMPS to maintain constant light intensity, irrespective of the voltage 3 meter wire with switch and plugs to match standard Durable diffuser enclosure Screw or glue mount Light weight Description Price Controller with lights only No Bat or PV R 1 599.00 7.2A battery, 20W PV & Controller R 2 199.00 9A battery, 20W PV & Controller R 2 499.00 12A battery, 20W PV & Controller R 3 499.00 20A battery, 20W PV & Controller R 4 299.00
R 1.599
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