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1.01 Ct Heart Shape Natural Red Garnet 925 Sterling Silver Tear Drop Pendant with 18" Silver Chain Product Description Add a gorgeous and sophisticated glow to any outfit with our gorgeous Garnet and Zirconia pendant. Perfect for dressing up or dressing down this gorgeous pendant is sure to be the center of attention on any ensemble. Featuring a gorgeous Garnet stone this beautiful item comes with a complimentary 18 inch 925 Sterling Silver chain. So that it￯﾿ᄑs ready for gifting and ready to be worn. This item makes a gorgeous gift for Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and all other special occasions, and will be an item to cherish for years to come.This beautiful item is brand new and comes with complimentary gift packaging appropriately selected to match the item you purchased. The packaging ranges from dainty foam insert packaging to luxurious leather insert cherry wood boxes. Every order is fully insured regardless of value. This insurance protects you against damage or the loss of your item while in transit. The Shipping and Handling fees include the insurance so there is no need to pay separately for insurance.SIMPLY SOPHISTICATED ￯﾿ᄑ This delicate tear drop pendant will immediately put you in the spot light. Crafted with high quality stones this pendant is the perfect accessory for any ensemble on any occasion. Our complimentary 18￯﾿ᄑ Chain makes sure that this piece is stunning and all around flattering. UNIQUELY DESIGNED- With simplicity in mind this pendant is the perfect item for gift givers who want to show they care. Perfect for birthdays, weddings, mother day or just those moments when you want to get something for that ￯﾿ᄑSomeone Special￯﾿ᄑ INCLUDES- Complimentary 18￯﾿ᄑ 925 Sterling Silver Chain so that its ready for gift giving upon arrival MESMERIZING DESIGN - This design is simple, classic, elegant, fit for any occasion such as daily wearing home and office. It's carefully packed in beautiful jewelry box making it perfect for gift giving on valentines day, Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries or simply because you're thinking of someone special. Gemstones may have been treated to improve their appearance or durability and may require special care. Our Guarantee to You We guarantee the utmost in Quality, Authenticity and Customer Satisfaction All our Items are Brand New and 100% Authentic with Original Box and Papers Price Beat or Match, if we can't (which is hardly ever), we will give you R150 off your next order with us. At these prices stocks are very limited, so order now to avoid disappointment Please view our other listings HERE Looking for something that we have not listed. Let us know - Will will get the best price for you
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20 NON-LOOPING SOOTHING SOUNDS - Built-in 20 imported genuine license sleep music, taken from the sound of natural harmony, including White Noise, Brown Noise, Fetal Heart Sound, Lullaby and other natural sounds, blocking out distractions anxiety and creating the most realistic and natural environment for good sleep, relaxation or meditation, promote faster and more natural sleep. LED NIGHT LIGHT / MOOD LIGHT - There are two light modes: Soft Night Light and Colorful Ambient Light. The light of the night light is very soft, the color temperature is less than 3300K, Blue light free, more helpful for sleep. Ambient light is a colorful breathing light effect. HELPS YOUR BABY SLEEP - Our baby sound machines for sleeping comes with the Fetal Heartbeat Sound, to mimic the sound of mother's womb to help newborn babies fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Whether nap time or night time, this sleep therapy sound machines help lull your baby to sleep. A sleeping baby means more sleep for the whole family! AUTO-OFF TIMER & MEMORY FUNCTION - Use the optional timer; which can be set for 30 or 60 minutes. The machine then shuts off automatically after a set time, so that you smoothly and smoothly loop in and do not wake up in the middle and still have to turn it off. Automatically adjusts to the last selected volume, sound type and timer time after switching on. COMPACT & PORTABLE FOR TRAVEL - Dont worry about not sleeping while you travel, the Sleep Sound Machine is small and lightweight. It means you can put it in your bag or even your handbag and no matter whether you go on business or vacation, giving you sound sleep and you will be more productive and energetic while working or traveling.
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HOW TO BECOME LIKE CHRISTMarcus Dods shows in simple steps how one can see God in every facet of life. He reveals in plain language how to remove the veil off our faith to see God and thus do the right thing to be like him. Read How to become like Christ and more interestingly, how any average person can put on the character of Christ through simple lessons and practices. CONTENTSHow to Become Like ChristThe TransfigurationIndiscreet ImportunityShame on Account of God's DispleasureNaaman CuredThe Lame Man at the Temple GateBook Excerpts: "But we all, with unveiled face reflecting as a mirror the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord."--2 COR. iii. 18 (Revised Version).I suppose there is almost no one who would deny, if it were put to him, that the greatest possible attainment a man can make in this world is likeness to The Lord Jesus Christ. Certainly no one would deny that there is nothing but character that we can carry out of life with us, and that our prospect of good in any future life will certainly vary with the resemblance of our character to that of Jesus Christ, which is to rule the whole future. We all admit that; but almost every one of us offers to himself some apology for not being like Christ, and has scarcely any clear reality of aim of becoming like Him. Why, we say to ourselves, or we say in our practice, it is really impossible in a world such as ours is to become perfectly holy. One or two men in a century may become great saints; given a certain natural disposition and given exceptionally favoring circumstances, men may become saintly; but surely the ordinary run of men, men such as we know ourselves to be, with secular disposition and with many strong, vigorous passions--surely we can really not be expected to become like Christ, or, if it is expected of us, we know that it is impossible. On the contrary, Paul says, "We all," "we all." Every Christian has that for a destiny: to be changed into the image of his Lord. And he not only says so, but in this one verse he reveals to us the mode of becoming like Christ, and a mode, as we shall find, so simple and so infallible in its working that a mancannot understand it without renewing his hope that even he may one day become like Christ.In order to understand this simplest mode of sanctification we must look back at the incident that we read in the Book of Exodus (xxxiv. .). Paul had been reading how when Moses came down from the mount where he had been speaking with God his face shone, so as to dazzle and alarm those who were near him.They at once recognised that that was the glory of God reflected from him; and just as it is almost as difficult for us to look at the sun reflected from a mirror as to look directly at the sun, so these men felt it almost as difficult to look straight at the face of Moses as to look straight at the face of God. But Moses was a wise man, and he showed his wisdom in this instance as well as elsewhere. He knew that that glory was only on the skin of his face, and that of course it would pass away. It was a superficial shining. And accordingly he put a veil over his face, that the children of Israel might not see it dying out from minute to minute and from hour to hour, because he knew these Israelites thoroughly, and he knew that when they saw the glory dying out they would say, "God has forsaken Moses. We need not attend to him any more. His authority is gone, and the glory of God's presence has passed from him." So Moses wore the veil that they might not see the glory dying out. But whenever he was called back to the presence of God he took off the veil and received a new access of glory on his face, and thus went "from glory to glory.""That," says Paul, "is precisely the process through which we Christian men become like Christ." We go back to the presence of Christ with unveiled face; and as often as we stand in His presence, as often as we deal in our spirit with the living Christ, so often do we take on a little of His glory. The glory of Christ is His character; and as often as we stand before Christ, and think of Him, and realise what He was, our heart goes out and reflects some of His character. And that reflection, that glory, is not any longer merely on the skin of the face; as Paul wishes us to recognise, it is a spiritual glory, it is wrought by the spirit of Christ upon our spirit, and it is we ourselves that are changed from glory to glory into the very image of the Lord.
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Opstal Estate is situated at the foot of the Slanghoek mountains in the heart of the breathtakingly beautiful Slanghoek Valley on the Breedekloof Wine Route. The valley forms part of the Breede River Valley with Worcester as the closest, large town. Carl Everson was the visionary 4th generation farmer at Opstal Estate. This wine is a tribute to his perseverance and hard work, earthed in our family’s land, during tough times in the industry post-war. The 33 year old vines, old French barrels, natural fermentation and minimalistic cellar intervention proclaims our Slanghoek terroir through this wine. That was the aim – to put Chenin Blanc from the Slanghoek valley into a bottle without really tampering with this pure and precious juice. The result – complex notes of white peach, squashed pineapple and pear are found on the nose The palate is well rounded by the extended time in the barrel on lees, but at the same time appears fresh and elegant through a balanced acidity
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Skylanders Swap Force is the third part of the Skylanders series, and the follow-up to the incredible Skylanders Giants and Skylanders Spyro's Adventure. Embark on an exciting new adventure with the Skylanders and the Swap Force. For generations, the Swap Force protected the volcano that replenishes Skylands' magic. That is until an epic battle caught them in an eruption that blasted them apart, sent them to Earth and gave them the ability to swap powers. Only you can mix and match their tops and bottoms, put them on the new Portal of Power and help save Skylands. Species: Bear Element: Life Descended from a long line of shamans, Zoo Lou traveled far and wide to the Seven Strange Strongholds – ancient, mysterious sites of great wonder in Skylands – where he studied the wisdom and fighting styles of the Seven Strange Mages. After many years of traveling and studying, Zoo Lou returned to find an army of trolls had invaded his sacred homeland to mine its natural magic resources. Zoo Lou’s warrior heart burned with fury. And having now mastered the enchanted art of communicating with nature and summoning animals, he unleashed his great mojo – attacking the trolls and single handedly freeing his lands once again. It was this heroic feat that caught the eye of Double Trouble, who then brought Zoo Lou to Master Eon and the Skylanders. Not suitable for children under 3 years. For use under adult supervision
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An eye-catchingly adventurous design-an exquisite exercise in chrome, plastic and wood-the Jaguar guitar's delightfully off- kilter aesthetics and unique sound made it a darling of underground artists from the '70s to today. Though it was the pinnacle of guitar technology when it was released in 1962, time (and technology) marches on so we updated the Jaguar with modern features and materials, hot-rodding it for today's players. The result? The American Professional Jaguar-a dangerous instrument with bite. Developed by Michael Frank, the brand-new V-Mod Jaguar pickup design expands the guitar's sonic palette with hot, vintage-informed tone delivering plenty of midrange punch and definition. Retain high end clarity when adjusting the volume control, thanks to the new treble-bleed tone circuit that lets your tone shine through in all its glory. The new modern "Deep C"-shaped neck profile feels just right in your hand while the narrow-tall frets make it easy to bend strings accurately and play perfectly intonated chords. The improved tremolo and bridge incorporate a screw-in arm and brass Mustang saddles that stabilize the strings while adding a touch of sonic zip to your tone. The best of yesterday and today, the American Professional Jaguar is the latest form of electric inspiration from Fender. Step up and stake your claim to a legend. New Pickups Simply put, pickups are the heart and soul of an electric instrument's voice. The American Professional series features our newest pickup offering: V-Mod single-coil pickups. Updated versions of our classic designs, modified for modern performance, V-Mod pickups are packed with authentic Fender tone. V-Mod pickups are voiced specifically for each position, bringing out the nuances of your playing. V-Mod Pickups V-Mod pickups are engineered using a proprietary blend of alnico magnet types for the neck and middle pickups. Each pickup is voiced specifically for its position, creating high-output tone with vintage warmth and the crisp, clear sound that made Fender a legend. New "Deep C" Neck Profile Designed for comfort and speed, the new American Professional "Deep C" neck profile sports more substantial shoulders-somewhat between a "Modern C"- and "U"-shaped profile. The increased mass and altered geometry creates a more natural feel that's perfect for chord and single-note playing alike. Narrow-Tall Frets Narrow-tall frets are taller and narrower than their medium jumbo cousins, making them especially effective for bending notes and playing chords up the neck with perfect intonation. New Bridge Engineered for ultra-stable performance, the American Professional Jazzmaster and Jaguar bridges feature brass Mustang saddles and a screw-in arm. The new saddles keep the strings where they belong, even when the bridge is pummeled, while the new arm lets you dial-in the arm tension that's perfect for you. Treble Bleed Circuit The treble bleed circuit maintains the high end when turning down the volume knob to reduce gain, letting your tone shine through, no matter where the instrument's volume is set. New Hardshell Case The Elite Molded Case features body-hugging contours to protect your cherished instrument, TSA latches for increased security and nested stacking ability for easy storage and secure transport. Full Specification Series: American Pro Body Material: Alder Body Finish: Gloss Polyurethane Neck: Maple, Modern "Deep C" Neck Finish: Satin Urethane Finish on Back of Neck with Gloss Urethane Headstock Face (Maple), Satin Urethane Finish on Back, Gloss Urethane Finish on Front (Rosewood) Fingerboard: Maple or Rosewood, 9.5" (241 mm) Frets: 22, Narrow Tall Position Inlays: Black Dot (Maple), White Dot (Rosewood) Nut (Material/Width): Bone, 1.685" (42.8 mm) Tuning Machines: Fender Standard Cast/Sealed Staggered Scale Length: 24" (610 mm) Bridge: 9.5 inch Radius Jazzmaster/Jaguar Bridge with Vintage-Style Floating Tremolo with Tremolo Lock Button and Screw-in Tremolo Arm Pickguard: 3-Ply Black (705, 776), 3-Ply Mint Green (700), 3-Ply Parchment (748) Pickups: V-Mod Single-Coil Jaguar (Bridge/Neck) Pickup Switching: 4- Position Blade: Position 1. Bridge Pickup, Position 2. Bridge and Neck Pickups (In Parallel), Position 3. Neck Pickup, Position 4. Neck and Bridge Pickups (In Series) Special Electronics: 2-Position Slide-Switch for In/Out of Phase When Both Pickups are On Controls: Master Volume with Treble-Bleed, Master Tone Control Knobs: Skirted Amp Knobs Hardware Finish: Nickel/Chrome Strings: Fender USA 250L, NPS, (.009-.042 Gauges) Case/Gig Bag: Elite Molded Case
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UFO 4 LP vinyl collection: Force It - 1975, Strangers In The Night (Double Live Album) - 1979, Mechanix - 1982, Headstone The Best of UFO  (Double Album)  -1983. (All four are imports). Genre: ROCK and all are  Format: Vinyl, LP - 33 1/3 RPM. All record covers have plastic sleeves, all vinyls have sleeves. Vinyls have not been physically tested, all images are those of the actual albums.  A) Force It - 1975  Label:  PV 41074   Chrysalis Record    Country: US  Style: Hard Rock Condition:  Vinyl: VG+  A few superficial hair line scratches from dust. Cover:  VG Strong and intact, a few creases, slight record ringing. Track listing:  Side A: Let It Roll, Shoot Shoot, High Flyer, Love Lost Love, Out In The Street Side B: Mother Mary, Too Much Of Nothing,  Dance Your Life Away, This Kids (Including, Between The Walls)   B) Strangers In The Night  - 1979  (Double Live Album)  Original album, not the release put out in 1999 by EMI. Label:  CJT5  Chrysalis Record   Country: UK      Style: Hard Rock, Space Rock, Heavy Metal  Condition:  Vinyls: VG Might play with some clicks or crackles but these should be few.  Cover: VG+ Gate-fold, strong and intact, slight scuffing to edges and very slight record ringing. Track listing: Side A:  Natural Thing, Out In The Street, Only You Can Rock Me, Doctor Doctor. Side B:  Mother Mary,   This Kids, Love To Love. Side C: Lights Out, Rock Bottom Side D: Too Hot To Handle, I'm A Loser, Let It Roll, Shoot Shoot.     C) Mechanix - 1982 Label: CHR 1360 Chrysalis Record    Country: UK Style: Hard Rock Condition:  Vinyl: VG+ Only Side 2 track 2 has a nick otherwise vinyl in excellent condition. Cover: VG+ Strong, intact, record insert side  & corners a bit scuffed, some creases. Track listing:  Side A: The Writer, Somethin' Else, Back Into My Life, You'll Get Love, Doing It All For You Side B: We Belong To The Night, Let It Rain, Terri, Feel It, Dreaming   D) Headstone The Best of UFO - 1983   Label:  302 216-406   Chrysalis Record       Country: Europe    Style: No set style. Condition:    Vinyl: VG+  Double vinyl, There might be a few clicks or crackles mainly due to: Side 2 track 1 very light needle scratches at start of track and  side 4 -  2nd track needle drop. Cover: VG+ Gate-fold with songs breakdown, year players etc.  Strong intact, light fraying to record insert edges and corners, slight record ringing. Track listing:   All unmarked songs are played by UFO(5) Side A:Doctor Doctor, Rock Bottom, Fool For Your Loving (Whitesnake), Shoot Shoot. Side B: Too Hot Too Handle, Only You Can Rock Me, She Said (Lonestar),Lights Out. Side C:Armed And Ready (Michael Schenker), Young Blood, Criminal Tendancies (Wild Horses), Lonely Heart Side D: We Belong To The Night, Let It Rain, Couldn't Get It Right, Electric Phase, Doing It All For You   Cheap Shipping: You are most welcome to shop around for more LP's from me, I do allow combined shipping and a parcel not exceeding 18 vinyls is only R60.00 with Pargo Couriers - see shipping tab. A double album is 2 vinyls. Payment: Within 2 days preferred, maximum 7 days.   CLICK BELOW   
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Loewe Connect 55 UltraHD TV Ultra High Definition. For the sharpest picture. Whose TV has the highest number of Hertz? There are many competing claims and many different measures, but what really counts is the quality of the picture and this is where Loewe shines with outstanding crystal-clear, sharp and natural image quality. Seeing is believing. So don't believe the hype. The new Loewe Connect's Ultra High Definition display offers a resolution four times higher than that of a classic Full HD flat screen television. View Ultra HD-quality photos and videos as they are meant be seen, in sharp and vibrant clarity, using the HDMI input, a USB stick or your home network. Most current TV broadcast signals do not currently meet the new Ultra HD standard, so an up-scaling process is needed to enjoy the benefits of Ultra HD. Loewe's proprietary Ultra HD scaling algorithm delivers beautifully up-scaled Full HD content from 1,920 x 1,080 pixels to 3,840 x 2,160 pixels, for visibly enhanced details and clarity From the highest clarity dialogue through to immersive cinema sound Thanks to 80 watts of stereo sound, a bass reflex box and a 5.1. audio decoder: all fully integrated. Loewe has always regarded great sound as an essential complement to top picture quality. Back in 1933, Loewe's very first mass production television featured a dynamic speaker. In 1981, the company went on launch Europe's first television with stereo sound. Fast forward to the present day and the Loewe Connect has a sound quality to rival many home cinema systems - or even put them in the shade: 80 watts of music output to generate sound pressure of up to 90 dB and thanks to a closed box concept with base reflex there's a genuine perception of deep but clean bass. The new Loewe Connect comes complete with an integrated 5.1 audio decoder, to transform your television set into a centre speaker at the heart of a perfectly harmonised audio system - for a superb home cinema experience! All enhanced by the Digital Audio Link interface and Dolby Digital and DTS support. Perfect sound, fewer cables, no awkward centre speaker placement, no extra remote control - maximum efficiency: the Loewe Connect has it all built in. Loewe Assist Media 2015. Simple overview. Easy navigation. Introducing the new and improved Loewe Assist Media interface. Designed to deliver an even better user experience. From the elegant, clearly structured and easily customised 'home screen' to super fast and intuitive operation. New features include the option of creating a customised folder structure to help you organise your DR+ hard drive recordings. No more time-consuming searches through a long list of recorded content. Loewe DR+. Ultimate recording convenience. In days gone by, our ancient ancestors gathered together sitting around a fire. More recently our generation too regularly gathered together around a flickering focal point - this time the television. Always at specific times, to watch our favourite programmes. What happens today? We are no longer bound by the TV schedule, we can enjoy our life as we want to and still watch our favourite programs but at a time and place of our choosing. As days gone by, the sofa is still the top choice, with the television transformed into a smart entertainment hub. The integrated Loewe DR+ hard disk recorder allows you to pause, record and stream television programmes at the touch of a button. Equipped with 1 TB of storage space, the Loewe Connect offers the full DR+ functionality: a DR+ archive to store recordings in your own folder structure on the integrated hard disk or directly onto an external USB storage device. Loewe DR+ Streaming and DR+ Follow me. Watch television anywhere in your home. Feeling tired but don't want to miss the end of a programme? Simply press Pause, select 'Follow Me' and go upstairs to bed. When you're ready, simply press Play to continue watching the programme on the Loewe TV in your bedroom at exactly the point where you left off. The television set in the living room then automatically switches to standby mode. It couldn't be simpler. Thanks to the Loewe DR+ Follow Me feature, your television can now follow you (almost) everywhere you go. The integrated DR+ Streaming feature also allows you to access the DR+ archive on one television from Loewe TV's in other rooms Loewe Mobile Recording. Any time, any place. Typical scenarios for Loewe Mobile Recording: you're stuck in traffic or can't get away from a meeting... you won't make it home in time for your favourite programme. You're out with friends... and you suddenly realise your weekly drama is about to start. Thanks to Loewe Mobile Recording, the Loewe Connect takes all the stress out of these situations. It allows you to easily schedule and record programmes on the integrated Loewe DR+ 1 TB hard disk, even if you don't happen to be at hom
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