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Healthy livestock animals

South Africa
They are very healthy and with good sizes. They can be used for slaughter as well as breeding. All our animals are grassland risen and capable for different climate zones and are all sanitary and bloodline certified with excellent genetics. We also offer transportation to customers that are buying in good quantities, we will deliver to you with our truck . we are ready to do delivery to you at anytime,
Cape Town (Western Cape)
All animals have all their vaccinations and will be supplied with a Herdmaster Livestock management software reports certifying that all inoculations and other health treatments are up to date,
Alberton (Gauteng)
All animals have all their vaccinations and will be supplied with a Herdmaster Livestock management software reports certifying that all inoculations and other health treatments are up to date. We do sell in bulk
Lichtenburg (North West)
These are hardy animals ready to be bred, not stall fed animals for show. All animals have all their vaccinations and will be supplied with a Herd master Livestock management software
South Africa
We sell cattle livestock - Pregnant Heifers - Angus - Hereford - Charolais - Limousin - Simmenthal - Hybrids Healthy Pure breed Holstein Heifers We offer pure breed animals All our livestock animals are vet checked, certified and all 100% healthy. We offer Boer Goats, Holstein heifers, Cows, Sheeps, Horse and Fowls. All animals have been fed on high quality grains / grass. Contact us now and enjoy our best and affordable prices. Calving Periodperiod is soon, OCV Vaccinations We also have; •Pregnant Holstein Heifers Cattle, Fattening Beef Bulls, Hereford, Charolais, Limousin, Belgian Blue, Aberdeen Angus and Simmental beef cattles Weight: 450 to 600 K.G Pregnancy: 6 - 8 months Milking Capacity: 30 and more litres per day Age: 24 to 30 months Certification: Pedigree, Veterinary Certificate Packaging Detail: Packed In Cages or As per Customer's Request Fantastic batch of Incalf heifers for sale in after they have been scanned. All A.I sired and incalf to A.I. Ideal for an expanding herd or a new dairy set up. Unique opportunity to acquire a full herd of high merit, high performing, Spring calving Holstein Friesians. Predominantly young herd currently in milk and due to calve again. Milk recorded with low SCC. All served again to dairy sires. Associated Spring born youngstock also for sale comprising of 69 In-calf heifers and 65 heifer calves. Pedigree Registered & Classified herd. 1. Herd Details Total Herd Size: 240 Breed: Holstein Friesian Ltrs/Cow: 8500 Kg MS/cow: 321.605 Fat %: 3.8 Protein %: 3.3 2. Calving Pattern Calving Pattern: Autumn 3 Vaccination details Leptospirosis IBR BVD Salmonella 2. Herd Details Total Herd Size: 230 Breed: Jersey Xbred Average EBI: 209 EBI for Animals for Sale: Ltrs/Cow: 5500 Kg MS/cow: 482.658 Fat %: 4.62 Protein %: 3.9 2. Calving Pattern Calving Pattern: Spring 3 Vaccination details Leptospirosis IBR BVD Salmonella Full details 3. Herd Details Total Herd Size: 150 Breed: NZ Freisian Ltrs/Cow: 5500 Kg MS/cow: 447.535 Fat %: 4.2 Protein %: 3.7 2. Calving Pattern Calving Pattern: Autumn 3 Vaccination details Leptospirosis IBR BVD Salmonella And many more, contact via email to get futher information on what you need exactly and we shall provide you with details.
South Africa
Boer goats and Kalahari red Goats for meat-suppy 1 to 300. Excellent quality, healthy, no antibiotics We have Boer Goats for sale young and old. Registered, pure blood and crosses available. For more info check us back adorable prices ready in stock now for sale and all category needed we breed and livestock all type of animals and we we supply nationwide our animals are of the best breed and also with the calves we sell at moderate prices and with 100% guarantee Delivery and packaging contact us to place your order now All our animals are veterinary checked and ranging from 9 Months of age. Regular supply available now make your order with us now and call us or leave your order and breed
South Africa
Super EM is a 100% natural microbial formula used for the remediation of environmental toxins and pathogens in animal housing areas, and for topical applications in animal health. Super EM contains multiple classes of mutually supportive microorganisms (beneficial bacteria) that are grown together, at body temperature, to form a robust consortium of microbes that influence any environment in a regenerative direction. Additionally, Super EM contains the natural beneficial by-products of these microbes’ growth cycle, including antioxidants, minerals and natural vitamins – the very same substances that bacteria produce in natural, healthy environments. Super EM also contains enhanced levels of phototrophic bacteria also known as photosynthetic or purple non-sulfur bacteria (PNSB). These microbes have powerful detoxifying and anti-oxidative properties and are active in re-establishing a wide range of beneficial microbes in polluted or unbalanced environments, such as poor soil conditions. Super EM is effective in the following applications: Remediates environmental odors, noxious gases and pathogens found in animal housing or breeding areas, reducing health risks, disease and mortalities. Reduces fly and mosquito populations. Remediates skin infections, foot infections and other topical problems, and increases resistance to such issues. Used for the processing of animal waste to reduce odors and increase the processing time and quality of manure. Extends the life of litter or hay in animal housing and breeding areas. Spraying of sheds and stalls, and application to manure lagoons, eliminates odors and noxious gases, breaks down organic waste Pics 1 to 4) Also see pictures 5, 6 and 7 to learn a little about our Pro-Livestock for farm animals and Pro Equine for horses. Email me for more information on these products We also have New grass seed available suitable for livestock and all farm animal grazing. (Pictures 8 - 12)It stays green in winter and is frost resistant. This grass is slightly more nutritional than lucerne but does not have the gas lucerne can emit. The grass seeds grow (and can be planted in the winter too) all year round. The grass is frost resistant and even grows in the shade. It’s also organic and so can be used for free range poultry. It stays green all year round which means huge savings on diesel and savings on purchasing hay. Can also be used as a fire break as it’s always green. (Animals can graze in the firebreak. Pasture grass will survive snow and black frost and becomes very heat tolerant. Please REMEMBER to send me your Email ADDRESS when you email me

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