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CONE STEEL PELLET TRAP  PRICE IS FOR QTY X 50!!! WORKS OUT TO R87.80 EA!!!!   Heavy steel construction Accepts 14cmx14cm targets 5.5"x5.75"x7.5" 1.9 lbs. TARGETS NOT INCLUDED Use only.177-caliber lead pellets with a muzzle velocity of 1,000 fps or less Hone your shooting skills with high-quality cone pellet trap. The trap can be used freestanding or hung on a wall. Recommended for use with lead airgun ammo only.  Do NOT use steel BBs when shooting at this trap. BBs can rebound and ricochet, causing permanent injury to the eyes. Everyone in the area should wear safety glasses when someone is shooting.   Do not leave the cone trap exposed to the outdoors. Take it inside when not in use. Have a suitable backstop in the event you miss the cone trap. available in black spare targets available on checkout   This pellet trap can hold 14cm paper targets and catches pellets automatically which makes it easier to clean up.   This  pellet trap can be used free-standing on any flat surface, also has mounting holes on the back to be hanged up on screws or nails.
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