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2x mares

SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY, can contact me for photos and details on the mares. Upington - Transport can be arranged! WhatsApp / Call: 0845974555 Email: marishaviljoen@gmail.com
Upington (Northern Cape)

R 8.000

both are ex racing horses 16.3 and 15 hands gentle giants. beautiful nature good companys. needs to go together to a good home....
South Africa

R 28.000

Scub Gear for Sale All in very good condition *Only used 4 times) 1. Wet Siut (One Piece) Reef Med/Large 2, 2x Mares masks 3. 2 Set Dacor Fins sizes 12 (adujustable) + 8 4. 1 x Pair size 12 booties 5. 1 x Wieght belt 6. 1 pair gloves 7. 1 x aliminium dumpy tank 8. 1 x regulator plus octo and gadges (Mares) 9. 1 x Mares BC Vetco/Epic with biult wieght belt 10. Wet siut Repiar and care kit 11. 1 x bag Regulator kit and 1 x DiveTech Dive bag 12 1 x Reef water camera and water tight casing
Pietermaritzburg (KwaZulu Natal)

R 11

2x Scuba Gear Kits for sale. R 4500 per kit, negotiable if you take both.Will consider offers, both in very condition The following in kit; 1 x Reef Ladies wetsuit (L) 1 x Hoodie vest (Reef) 1 set diving boots size 6 Aqua Lung 1 x Scubapro Ladyhawk BC (M) with intergrated weights 1 regulator set, 1st stage MK2, 2nd stage R290 + octo R290, Dive Tech gauges 1 x Mares Mask 1 x Technisub Mask 1 x Mares Fin's Diving Bag 1 x Zero Titainum wet suite large 1 set Pro-diver boots (9) 1 x Scubapro Glide Tech BC 1 x Regulator set: 1st stage MK17, 2nd stage R390 + octo R290 Dive Tech gauges 1 x Tusa Mask 1 x Weight Belt 1 set Mares fin's Diving Bag (Reef) Inbox or contact me on 0828651201 if you are interested and want to view. We are in Centurion
Pretoria (Gauteng)

R 4.500

Mares Abyss Regular with Sherwood AirX Oçto Poseidon Cyclone Regulator with Sherwood AirX Octo. Mares 5+5 Wesuit - Hardly used. 2X zero dive bags Aladin AirZ Dive Computer Odds - weights,fins,masks,snorkel, etc.
South Africa

Mares Abyss Regulator with AirX Octo Poseidon Cyclone Regulator with AirX Octo Mares 5+5 Wetsuit 2X Dive Bags Weight Belt Aladin AirZ Dive Computer Odd & Ends
South Africa

2x 5mm Diving suits (1x ScubaPro Size:M, 1x Mares Size: 6), 1x ScubaPro travel bag, 1x HD Camera dive mask, 1x Tusa dive mask, 1x Mares boots Size: 6, 1x Tusa flippers, 1x Divetec regulators
South Africa

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