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BMW 2002 year (1968-1971) bumper stainless steel One set contains: front bumper in 3 parts, 2 front over-riders with rubber inserts, rear bumper in 3 parts, 2 rear joining strips, mounting kit. Bumper are made of one the best solid stainless steel SAE 304 which never gets rusty, 1.5-2mm thickness and Surface is polished bright mirror, Inside is painted 3 layers. Please see Video Youtobe: The choice for your car: luxury - class If you need bumpers classic car, Please contact Us Sales team Email:
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R 700.000


Izere Safaris is an experienced Freelancer tour guide and driver guide in East African. We offer driver tour guides, convenient & reliable to travel Rwanda. More info - Address: KN 46 Street, Kigali, Rwanda E-mail: Phone: +250787727420
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We have 4 English Bulldog Puppies for sale. 3 boys and 1 girl. All from a loving busy family home.
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110 Amps per phase 3 phase generator. 1500 RPM three phase generator. Marelli/Evotec 80kVA Alternator. 12 Volt starting system. Smartgen Solid State Digital Control Panel - this unit provides full motor and alternator protection. Full ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch). Silent Weatherproof Canopy. 120 Liter Base Diesel Tank. 12 monthly or 450 hour service intervals.
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The warmer is still working 100%. More catering equipment available
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Selling two different makes of metal/steel saws. Working 100%
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This reliable machine is still original and working 100%. Selling it because of business change
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Also have two bush Turfmasters powered by Robin. Just need to be started. Negotiable
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This light bike is fairly new and still original. Two more bicycles available from R650
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This item comes with gas cylinder. More catering stuff available
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This camera is for serious and professional cameramen and collectors
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We are family and mostly community gold mining company located in the village of Kaye, we are mainly local miners who mine gold for the benefit of our community and the government assists in their own capacity by helping us in selling our gold product to the outside world. Our community gold mining programmer is established in the year 1969 and we are all going strong day by day and all interested buyers and individuals that wish to do business with us are all invited to visit us for more and better discussions at any time that they feel doing Price: 28,600.U.S.D TEARM: FCO /FOB Product: GOLD DUST Specs: 22+KARATS,24KARATS Quantity: 250 Kilograms or more Weight: Kilogram Terms: FOB FCO Thank you. Mr.Madi Diawara
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TruCUT Performance Range 1800x1000mm Cabinet with Conveyor Table with Double Laser Head Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine with Premium 90W CO2 Laser Tubes Complete Package (Laser Cutter) Product SKU: LC2-1810/D90, Laser Cutter, 0822222359 Laser Cutter Price: R 252 369.00 Sales Price exclude VAT & Transport, quoted at 2016-11-11 kao8kp3c 0822222359 Up to 36 meter/min (600 mm/s) Cutting Speed With Wire Mesh Belt Conveyors for Continues Material Feeding and Cutting Up to 27 meter/min (450 mm/s) Engraving Speed Double Power Supplies and Double Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), Radio-Frequency Interference (RFI) Filters Easy to Use Control Panel with Direct Internal Saved File Select Button Achieve ± 0.001 mm Resolution Support Direct USB Connection from PC or Use Flush Drive Working Area (Cutting/Engraving Area) Size 1800x1000mm With Rolled Material (e.g.Fabric) Hanging Rack for Automatic Feeding 36 meter/min (600 mm/s) Rapid Positioning Linear Speed Double Focus Lens Position (63.5mm Default, 101.6mm Optional) Laser Lens Holder Include Laser Tube Cooling System Warning Light Indicator and Laser Power Cutoff With RJ45 Network Port for Cutting Job Transfer through Network Minimal Can Engrave Readable 1mm Height English Letter Professional model driven by Servo Motors and Ball-Screws for High Precision and Performance With Double Laser Head, each for 900x1000mm Working Area High Precision Ball-Screws Transmission System Use Household 220V Electricity, Include Ellies Surges and Lightning Safe Plug Cutting Table Weight Static Load Up To 50 kg/m2 Latest TruCUT DSP for Multitasking (Cut/Engrave etc in One Job) with 128M Large Memory High Speed Servo Motors Driving System Program Controlled Compressed Air, Blow When Needed Two 90Watt CO2 Laser Systems with Cooling Unit Included Include TruCUT Software with Multi-Layer Process, Simulation, Time Estimation and Many Other Functions, Learn More Air Pump, Extraction Fan and Exhaust Hoses Included Less Than 0.05 mm Repeat Positioning Accuracy Double the Efficiency by Utilize Two Set of Laser System Simultaneously 0822222359 More About Laser Cutter:Use CNC Routers, Laser Machines and CNC Plasma to Make Corona Sunsets Festival Happen Make a Supa Stand by 6mm Supawood with 90W CO2 Laser Cutting Machine Advanced Machinery Attended Hobby-X Expo at the Coca-Cola Dome, Johannesburg Product You Will Get in this Laser Cutter purchase:(LC-PRO/CAB) Use Servo Motors and Ball Screws Precision Driving for Desktop/Cabinet Laser (LC-TUBE/P90) TruCUT Premium Series Sealed Rated 90W with Burst 100W+ CO2 Glass Laser Tube with Galvanized Catalyst X 2 (T-BASIC/LC) Basic TruCUT Laser Machine Training Course and TruCUT Software Usage (A-COOLER) Generic AM-3000 Thermolysis Water-Cooled Chiller X 2 (AG-AIR) Generic Air Pump X 2 (AG-FAN) Generic 550W Extraction Fan (LC-R/HEAD) Add Structure for Additional Laser Tube, Laser Reflection Path and Install Second Laser Head (LC-1810) AM.CO.ZA TruCUT Standard Range 1800x1000mm Cabinet with Conveyor Table Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine Barebone Unit (LC-POWER/90) 90W CO2 Laser Power Supply Unit for 80W/90W CO2 Glass Laser Tube with Adjustable Current X 2 (X-UTILITY/CD) AM.CO.ZA All-in-One Utility Disk with Softwares/Drives for CNC Machineries on a DVD 0822222359 More Laser Cutter Spares Stock By Us:(L-MIRROR/MO/25) Φ25mm Molybdenum Plated Laser Reflecting Mirror for CO2 Laser Beam (LC-TUBE/P130) TruCUT Premium Series Sealed Rated 130W with Burst 160W+ CO2 Glass Laser Tube with Galvanized Catalyst (L-LENS-ZNSE/19/508) Φ19mm ZnSe Lens FL 50.8mm with Two Sides Anti-Reflection ( AR/AR ) Coating for CO2 Laser Beam
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R 252.369


FLOAT’N FLASH IC-M24 VHF Marine Transceiver Waterproof Product Description Pioneered the floating VHF marine radio, and others followed. Setting a new trend yet again, the IC-M24 floats and lets you know where it is with the flashing feature. The radio flashes in the water, even when the power is off! And for a floating radio, it is small and lightweight and easy to carry around. Float’n fl ash-With its innovative flashing red LED light, an overboard IC-M24 is easy to find, day or night. The light flashes even if the radio is turned off. Small and lightweight body-As a floating VHF marine transceiver, the IC-M24 is small and lightweight and easy to carry around. Energy-saving 3.7V circuitry-The IC-M24 is powered by the 3.7V Lithium-Ion battery pack, BP-266, to reduce the volume and weight of the radio. A newly developed PA circuit provides 5W (approx.) RF output and powerful 600mW (typ.) audio even at this low voltage,while saving battery consumption for 10 hours of operating time.* Typical operation with Tx (Hi): Rx: standby=5:5:90. Easy to see large LCD-The large, easy to see LCD (32×16mm) offers a clear 2 – digit channel number indication. Built-in regular charger circuitry-Recharge the IC-M24 by plugging the wall.charger directly in to the radio. By eliminating,exposed metal charging points, the IC-M24 is even more protected from water damage. Volume loud and mute functions-The volume loud/mute functions temporarily change the volume to the maximum/minimum,level with two touches of a button. Depending on the background noise level, you can easily change the volume level to capture the received message Submersible construction equivalent to IPX7(1m depth for 30 minutes) Dual/Tri-watch functions Auto scan function One-touch access to Ch 16 4-step battery life indicator Tag scan and Favorite channel functions Price: R3,306.00 Contact: 826 - show phone - 8 Contact for any further inquiries SKU: 13541
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Selling vehicle Colt Double Cab with canopy,its on good condition,Has Electric windows, Adjustable seats,mobiliser, Mp3 CD and Radio car and its Clean inside and outside,its still new and its a must see car...Call me cause Im a very busy person I forget sometimes to look at email's or Sms me..Thank You!
Bisho (Eastern Cape)

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