Hi I have 4 Beautiful Red Black Ko Shamo Bantam chicks for sale 1 Rooster an 3 hens they 7 Weeks Old,they from best of Bloodlines,now before I say more let me give you some info on this Miniature Stunning Game Breed,the KO SHAMO is a true dwarf,it is a popular breed in Japan and was imported into Germany and England in recent years.First imports in Germany were out crossed with foregone breeds to correct the space in the wing and the inverted shrimp tail,they are a muscular bird,bright eyed and very erect, they remind one of small dolls dancing around one's feet,they are cm tall,the comb type should be strawberry or walnut,the wings must have a split wing as its a specific feature on the bird,they have shorter legs an necks then they bigger cousins but with much more pronounced,muscled heart-shaped bodies and carry there wings in a nearly vertical position with very prominent shoulders and the tips of the wings are closed tightly against there body,they faces are full of wrinkles an there is usually a thin line of bare red skin showing along the keel bone.This is a normal characteristic in a number of game birds,they have a great little personality and proud attitude an intelligent to often known as the little warriors,they lay 8 to 10 eggs a time an white in colour,hens are frequently Broody meaning they will go sit an hatch they eggs after laying there full clutch,they do well kept in Pens,an not a messy bird at all,roosters do not crow frequently an are not loud,so perfect if kept in cottages,I am a Registered Breeder that is well known an who takes part in Poultry Shows in an out of KZN,All types of Birds i Breed are to Show Standard,i also breed many types of other chickens from Bantams to Big breeds,bear in mind,the hens meet every Standard,they tame,right posture,correct comb,an tail to,they from strong best bloodlines an when breeding will produce magnificent chicks they R150 each if interested contact me on my cell I do have whatsapp


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7 Week Old Black Red Ko Shamo Bantam Chicks From Show
Price: R 150,00
R 150,00
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