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Many kinds of ground decorative materials, including: carpet, vinyl flooring, mosaic, tile, foam nature composite wood fence tiles, stone, etc., compared with the wooden floors, or wood flooring bigger advantage. Let's see: concrete now many people feel at home too earth with cement floor, no taste is not that also make the whole house appear very dim light. And the concrete floor is not easy to take care of cleaning up very cumbersome. But turnip cabbage all have love, it was felt that the use of cement floor price is relatively cheap to say, the use of the ground will also have to worry about scratching, but also to avoid the wooden floors might be caused by the indoor environment pollution, is the healthiest, most return to natural decorative products.
Lift the carpet carpet will be reminiscent of the Persian Gulf and the kind of exotic comfortable and slightly extravagant lifestyle. Color and pattern has always been an expression of carpet publicize their practices, blanket, nice wool blankets to meet your most demanding requirements. A carpet in price from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. Beautiful carpet needs vacuuming regularly, each year to a professional carpet cleaning company cleaning. If it is pure wool carpets, but also to prevent moth invasion.
Although housing decoration floor leather basically do not have vinyl flooring, but the former "Heroes" does have its advantages. A wide range of vinyl flooring, patterns, colors are not the same, some use deck screws on wood shades composite fence as well as its embossed effect, a choice great. Especially foam leather gives a comfortable feeling of elegance. Now the mainstream non-woven vinyl flooring is the end, the price is generally set at 8 yuan -10 yuan / square meter, down a lot more than a few years ago prices. But the fatal flaw vinyl flooring is the product contains a number of heavy metals and limited material, if the content exceeded, will cause indoor air pollution.
Solid wood flooring in the home improvement like to use wood floor, then, the first thought is certainly solid wood flooring, because it is the most traditional, most popular, the most popular floor. Just think of it, there is the urge to sleep on the floor on hard floors. Solid wood flooring foot feeling good, clear texture, natural color and bright, but the hardness somewhat less likely to be scratched. And because it is natural, so the larger the texture, color difference, need to beat the pavement wooden keel, the price is relatively high. When you purchase, try to pick timber of stable species, to avoid distortion. [url=]interior wall panels composite[/url] prices are generally one square meter three hundred yuan to several hundred dollars.


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