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Flooring composite materials are generally formed by four layers: exterior timber wolf fence pricing the bottom layer, substrate layer, decorative layer and wear layer. The number of revolutions which determines the life of the wear layer of laminate flooring. Ten enterprises domestic flooring brands, the real top ten brands: 1, regal, the main production enhancement, sales in the domestic flooring brands have been occupied first position. 2, Power Dekor, needless to say, absolute power, absolute China's top ten brands, annual sales of several million square laminate flooring, but the three-wood and multilayer wood taking OEM road.
3, nature, current products have strengthened, wood, wood composite (multilayer and three) bamboo flooring, sales of several million a year is flat, but three is the OEM, wood's strength is relatively strong, Laminate flooring is also the legend flooring brand sales increase rapidly. 4, safe floors, safe floor is known trademarks in China, is & quot; China's top ten brands of solid plastic fencing specification & quot;, & quot; Chinese flooring top ten brands & quot; and & quot; multi-layer solid wood flooring top ten brands & quot ;. Is the real China top 500 brands. 5, SITA is also listed, or Darling industry, but also domestic flooring brands, sales in Sichuan engage well in other cities in general, business is very strong and propaganda do good, that is currently used by some raw material difference.
6, macro-resistant flooring, enterprise strength, mainly the production of laminate flooring, quality can be. 7, Xinwei light floor, insiders know, is a very powerful enterprises in China is absolutely the top ten enterprises in the South quite famous, sales of the North did not do a good job, good product quality. The main production of solid wood flooring. 8, fu floor, product quality is quite good, the main production of laminate flooring, in recent years the domestic flooring brands in the market is not better, product updates slow color. 9, the World and flooring manufacturers are focusing on the quality of the older generation of domestic flooring brand manufacturers, and less likely to speculation market, mainly with the help of some big flooring processing, the main production of laminate flooring. 10, Del [url=]covering concrete floors with wood[/url], Del flooring in domestic sales of brand marketing in general is good, but two years in the north a little decline.


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The top ten brands of domestic flooring brands
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