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PS Vita. Ten volle in werking. 4gb memory card. 8 x games ingesluit. O.a. WRC 4, Call of duty Black Ops 2, Assacins Creed en nog. Charger en cover ingesluit.
Kimberley (Northern Cape)

R 2


PlayStation 3 Accessories, Consoles & Games available. *Sold* Saints Row 2 - R130 *Sold* Saints Row IV - R350 *Sold* Saints Row: The Third - R200 *Sold* Saints Row: The Third - The Full Package - R250 *Sold* SAW II: Flesh & Blood - R200 *Sold* SBK X: Superbike World Championship (Special Edition) - R180 Shadows of the Damned - R270 *Sold* Shrek: Forever After - R160 Silent Hill: HD Collection - R400 Silent Hill: Homecoming - R300 *Sold* Simpsons Game, The - R400 *Sold* Sims 3, The - R300 Sims 3, The: Pets - R350 *Sold* SingStar: ABBA - R200 SingStar: Afrikaanse Treffers - R300 SingStar: Motown - R350 *Sold* SingStar: Pop Edition - R250 *Sold* SingStar: Vol. 1 - R250 *Sold* SingStar: Vol. 2 - R180 *Sold* SingStar: Vol. 3 - R250 *Sold* Siren: Blood Curse - R200 *Sold* Skate 2 - R350 *Sold* Skate 3 - R450 Skate 3 (Essentials) - R450 Skate 3 (Essentials)(brand new, sealed) - R550 *Sold* Skylanders: Giants - Starter Pack  - R350 *Sold* Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure - Starter Pack  - R350 Sleeping Dogs - R250 *Sold* Sleeping Dogs (Essentials) - R200 *Sold* Sly Trilogy, The (Collection) - R450 Sniper 2: Ghost Warrior - R330 *Sold* Sniper Elite V2 - R300 *Sold* Sniper: Ghost Warrior (Essentials) - R150 *Sold* Sonic Generations - R220 *Sold* Sonic Unleashed - R220 SoulCalibur V - R250 South Park: The Stick of Truth - R550 Spider-Man: Edge of Time - R500 *Sold* Spider-Man: Web of Shadows - R200 *Sold* Splatterhouse - R300 Splinter Cell: Blacklist - R300 Splinter Cell: Blacklist (brand new, sealed) - R400 *Sold* Sports Champions (Move) - R150 *Sold* Sports Champions 2 (Move) - R200 SSX () - R250 *Sold* Star Ocean: The Last Hope - International - R400 *Sold* Star Ocean: The Last Hope - International (brand new, sealed) - R450 Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - R250 *Sold* Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II - R180 *Sold* Street Fighter IV (Platinum) - R150 Street Fighter X Tekken - R270 Super Street Fighter IV - R250 *Sold* Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition - R200 *Sold* SuperStars V8 Racing - R150 Tales of Graces F - R500 *Sold* Tales of Graces F (brand new, sealed) - R550 *Sold* TDU2: Test Drive Unlimited 2 - R200 *Sold* Tekken 6 - R250 Tekken 6 (Essentials) - R280 *Sold* Tekken 6 (Platinum) - R250 *Sold* Tekken Hybrid - R220 Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - R350 Thief () - R400 *Sold* Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 - R300 *Sold* Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 - R450 *Sold* Tomb Raider () - R250 *Sold* Tomb Raider ()(brand new, sealed) - R300 *Sold* Tony Hawk's Proving Ground - R400 Toy Story 3 - R350 Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - R250 Transformers: The Game - R300 Trinity Universe (brand new, sealed) - R400 Trinity: Souls of Zill O'll - R420 Respond via e-mail or call me, sms replies will be ignored. Swops / Trades for Xbox 360 / Xbox One / PS3 / PS4 / Wii / Wii U / 3DS / DS / PS Vita games welcome. Not negotiable. Credit Card + EFT payments accepted. We can deliver from R20-R100 depending on your delivery address.
Cape Town (Western Cape)


hi i have shadow of modor ps4 game selling for 375 not neg or swop for 2 ps vita games or swop for a nice ps4 game have unit 13 and black o...
South Africa

R 250

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