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Oriental stick wok

Port Elizabeth (Eastern Cape)
WORLD OF FLAVOURS ORIENTAL CARBON STEEL NON-STICK PHENOLIC HANDLED WOK 26.5 cm Heavy duty carbon steel deep woks suitable for all heat sources including induction. With durable phenolic handles and heavy duty Quantum 11 non-stick interiors. (Sleeved with recipe tags) BRAND NEW units. We only sell new products. We sell a range of Butchery related equipment including Mincers, Biltong Hooks, Biltong Dryers, Patty Makers, Knives, Cutting Boards, Kitchenware, Catering Equipment & Cleaning/Hygiene Equipment. See website also: www.tpcrafts.com
South Africa
Le Creuset's Toughened Non-Stick Wok is ideal for healthy stir-frying of meat, fish and vegetables. The deep, curved side walls allow the food to be moved around the pan to cook quickly retaining flavour, colour and nutrients. The Wok is also perfect for deep-frying and tempura cooking. And if used with a heat-resistant Le Creuset Toughened Non-Stick Glass Lid (available separately) it is perfect for braising, steaming and boiling too; all popular cooking techniques in Oriental, Asian and European cuisines. Toughened Non-Stick cookware, perfect for everyday use The reinforced non-stick surface is tough, durable and is PFOA-free Very easy to clean Suitable for all heat sources including induction and oven us Dishwasher safe Lifetime Guarantee
South Africa
If a quick stirfry is your idea of a good time (and you're making for a crowd), you need a good, solid, non-stick wok to make it in. The large size and handy helper handle make this wok perfect for cooking for a crowd. Sloped sides enable easy flipping and turning, while the flat base makes it suitable for most stovetops (glass, gas and conventional). The strong, riveted handle allow for tossing and turning, while the helper handle makes removing it from the stove much lighter. Solid carbon steel (the material traditional woks are made from) is highly heat conducive, and the non-stick coating makes clean up a breeze.
South Africa
If a quick stirfry is your idea of a good time, you need a good, non-stick wok to make it in. The curved sides and deep bowl make for quick and easy flips and turns, ensuring food is cooked perfectly. The flat bottom makes these suitable for use on most stovetops (glass, gas, and conventional), and the strong, riveted handle allows for tossing and throwing of the contents. Even better, the non-stick coating makes for easy, fuss-free clean up, despite cooking at high temperatures.

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