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Nescafe alegria coffee machine

Can make expresso, dubble expresso, cafe late, cuppochino and regular coffee. Uses any quality instant coffee like Jacobs ect. Very easy to use.
Pretoria (Gauteng)

R 1

g Nescafe coffee canister for a unbelievable price of R600. These canisters are used in the Alegria coffee machine.
Pretoria (Gauteng)

R 600

The machine is in perfect condition ! Makes 5 different delicious coffees. Takes up little counter space. And you can use nescafe gold coffee.
Pretoria (Gauteng)

COURIER ONLY JHB & PTA - R350 Please request courier charge if NOT in above areas NESTLE ALLEGRIA COFFEE MACHINE Kindly note the following on the Allegria A510 Coffee machine. Only the Allegria coffee refills should be used inside the machine.  This coffee is formulated specifically for the A510 as it needs to make 5 variants of drinks. No other coffee must be used in the A510 as it will compromise the in cup quality as well as damage the coffee machine.  Which will void the guarantee completely   Preparation is simple. For the black coffee options – Espresso, Lungo or Americano – just place your cup in the machine and select your option. For the Cappuccino and Latte Macchiato: add fresh milk into your cup, select your choice and watch the  NESCAFÉ ®  Alegria get to work while you take five from the desk. Because the  NESCAFÉ ®  Alegria warms and froths the milk in your cup without coming in contact with the machine, it requires far less maintenance and cleaning.  NESCAFÉ ®  Alegria machines are very easy to use. Refilling the coffee with the  NESCAFÉ ®  Alegria coffee refill pack, refilling the water tank and even descaling the machine are simple operations that can be performed by anyone! NESCAFÉ ®  Alegria machines are available with two water tank options depending on how much coffee you plan to consume and where you plan to place the machine: 2.0 litre and 0.8 litre water tank. The 2.0 litre water tank can also be purchased separately in case you want to upgrade from your 0.8 litre machine. The  NESCAFÉ ®  Alegria’s sleek visual appearance is about more than good looks. It can fit neatly into much smaller spaces than other coffee machines. And it has plenty of features that help preserve the environment, check out the  'Designed with the environment in mind'   The  NESCAFÉ ®  Alegria also has its own built-in water tank. So there’s no need to jostle for space in the kitchen if things are a little tight.
Springs (Gauteng)

R 751

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