Marine fish tank 600l

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Bangai kardinals X2 Pyjama kardinals X2 Grammer x1 Tomato clowns X2 Percula clowns X2 Fox face x1 Copper band butterfly fish x1 Cleaner shrimp Mushrooms corral Hermit crabs Turbo snails + babies Live rock Aragonite substrate Reefteck skimmer Heater 2 x wave makers 1 x return pump Main tank +- 600l Sump +- 200l Hanging light with moon light metal halide and 2 x t5 lights With test kits pH kh no2 no3 CA amonia
South Africa


Dear Customer I imported the salt from myself after the china develop market 4 years(you know i did read chinese forum,with no complain). They did sell to UK,DUBAI,HONG KONG AND SINGAPORE maria fish farm and importer. Blue treasure Salt is the way to go, against to the Rand weaker and other name brand price and quality. Last week have a customer from UK at the shop, he saw the Blue Treasure salt bucket on the floor. He told me: he only saw BT salt selling everywhere more than other name brand salt at the pet shop from UK40 TO UK60 per bucket Another customer told me on Wednesday at the shop He told me: he was looking for the BT salt everywhere,finally someone import from china. I ask him: why are you looking for this BT salt because he saw fish tank king(dstv program) also used this salt. I am more confidence recommend to my all customer to BT sps salt (cost effective and quality). Welcome any question about the BT sps salt SG CA KH 7-11 MG RKG BUCKET SG ESTIMATE 600L RKG BAG SG ESTIMATE 200L RKG BAG SG ESTIMATE 100L Hagen Zeranka: i did a water change 3 days ago and I used the Blue treasure Salt. My water is clearer and my corrals seems more alive and vibrant.
South Africa

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