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Aquaria Magic Wave 102 for sale Includes the following: •Homemade Stand •2 x spare T5 globes •Tunze Nano stream 6015 flow pump •SunSun Flow pump •Aquamedic Aragonite substrate •15kgs live rock •Purigen Nano pack •Seachem Matrix and Seachem Seagel in Media Chamber •Fish included is a Blennie, Cleaner wrasse, 2 x Ocellaris Clowns & Gold head Sleeper Goby •Kenya Tree coral R3900.00 for the entire setup. Fish/Kenya Tree Coral/live rock can be bought separate - prices on application Contact me via email on: or 072 299 0012
South Africa

R 3.900


Hi Up for sale (sold complete - nothing sold separately, Retail R.  my price R) Marine tank - Aquaria magic wave 102L Includes livestock - Fish & corals See pictures Extras (the must haves for running a marine tank) Refractometer Back up power supply with plug timers X3 Coral pro salt - basically full Reef pro test kit Reef foundation supplement Iodine Fuel Test kits for pH, NO2 and NO3 Coral tube feeders Cleaning equipment - razer and sponge etc Water container If you are new to reef keeping - buyer please note you will need to use this existing water as its mature, so please bring the following... Water containers to hold 102L Buckets to carry livestock X3 Many thanks Garry
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37 Litre marine aquarium for sale (Aquaria MW37). Livestock includes 2 x clown fish and 1 x blenny, 1 x cleaner shrimp and 1 x fire shrimp. Corals include numerous brown mushrooms, 1 x Kenya tree, brown Ricordeas, 1 x Pin cusion, and Zoanthids. Also included is aprox 8 kg live rock. Tank is running and can be viewed im PMB.
South Africa


37litre aquaria marine tank....7 months old in good condition. Also synthetic rock... substrate...2 clarki clowns...yellow tail damsel....chromis and 1 hermit crab. Red Sea Ammonia test kit..reef foundation ABC+ used only once....hikari marine s fish food as well as ocean nutrition spirulina flakes.Selling all for R Reason for selling no time to maintain
South Africa

R 2.000


aquaria wave 37 marine tank plug and play tank with fish and rock complete make a reasonable offer. great stater tank...
South Africa


Hi guys I have a complete aquaria magic wave 37l system for sale the aquaria amw37 nano aquarium is a perfect starter aquarium for anyone, a first time reef keeper or even an advanced reef keeper who wants a smaller aquarium. it comes complete with all the necessary equipment to get started and run a successful nano reef aquarium. hardware included: 400x300x400mm glass nano aquarium, custom build stand, rw4 wavemaker,protein skimmer with pump with biological filter media.,it has a 420l per hour return pump, lighting 2 x 24w pl tubes (blue, white 6400k) with 3 blue led moon lights, built in refugium with 5w 6500k light & dsb chamber,orbis timer, nutrafin test kit (never been used),extra canister filter, ac/dc air pump, seachem matrix in canister filter, cheato, 100w heater live stock included:- live rough aragonite, +- 10kg live rock, 1 x clown fish,1 x blue chromis,2 x blue hermit crabs,2 x turbo snails,1 x cleaner shrimp, lots of coral,2 x hammer coral, gsp coral,leather coral frag,pulsing xenias,kenyan tree,frogspawn the tank is perfect running condition. fully running and mature. the whole tank is automated, you just need to feed the fish and do weekley maintenance. i'm not looking to sell items separately. all goods to be sold together. buyer to transport and move tank.
South Africa

R 5.000

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