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Long wooden plank

Johannesburg (Gauteng)
I have 5 long run of plank available which will be perfect for shelving or other jobs. Needs to be refinished but big and sturdy. Lengths range from 2 meters to 6 meters. R100 for the whole lot. Needs to be collected.
South Africa
1: House floor interior doors and other decorative building supplies Outdoor wood-plastic composite material with wood floors, sun room, dock fence, in terms of decoration materials, can be used to make flooring, wall moisture, family walls, fences, walkways, flower boxes, various stadium decorative materials, hanging version, roofs, shutters, window frames, picture frames.specific garden perimeter fence 2: The outdoor facilities WPC is widely used in parks, community, street, road, bridge, pavilion, fencing, boardwalk, outdoor tables and chairs in public places, signs, billboards, and other lattice fence, wood because of its maintenance-free paint, anti-wind and rain, close to nature, etc. has been widespread concern, has obvious advantages in the waterfront building, humid environment.synthetic wood boat flooring 3: pallets, crates and other packaging products At present, ten million liquidity 8000, North America is the amount of 200 million pallets of wood, consumes a lot of timber resources, if the wood-plastic composite materials instead of wood, not only inexpensive, but exempt from fumigation. Wood pallets combines the advantages of wooden pallets and plastic pallets and steel pallets and basic spell abandon its shortcomings, wood pallets with high density, high strength, fumigation, anti-acid, corrosion resistance, not aging, non-absorbent, pest control , moisture. Solve wooden pallets cleanliness poor, fragile, short-lived, but also to avoid a rigid plastic tray poor, high prices, small size flexibility shortcomings, and planed wood pallets, nails, free assembly processing into home and abroad standard pallets, in our country, wood used in warehousing industry has just begun, mainly shelves, ceiling, floor, beam spread, will have broad market prospects in the future.wooden plank use in outdoor 4: Other aspects Municipal transport facilities such as shelters, seats, flower pots, trash, shelters, because of long life, low prices, in foreign countries more often. In addition, car decoration, composite pipes, railway sleepers, cable protection tube, covers the development of products from demonstration entered the application testing phase, I believe the near future, wood product applications will be further expanded.
South Africa
I got +/- 45 Sq meters of new (never used) parquet flooring size of each plank is 75mm wide, mm long and 18mm tick. Note that this is big parquet planks made of solid hard wood. I also got 2 big wooden sliding doors without glass. All lot for R

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