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They call it the Kitchen Machine, because it can do almost anything you can do in the kitchen (and a few extra things, just to be on the safe side). The kMix Kitchen Machine is a powerful stand mixer, the most recent in a long line of stand mixers that have stood the test of time for decades. The strong 500 watt motor is perfect for mixing large batches of dough or cake batter in the handy 5 litre stainless steel bowl.  With all controls on one side, it's convenient and easy to use, and the auto-stop feature means it will stop when the head is raised for safety. Each machine is packed with a balloon whisk, the signature K-beater, and a strong dough hook, as well as a curved silicone spatula for scraping down the bowl. The machine head moves in the opposite direction to the attachments, which helps acheive the signature plantetary movement, so crucial to mixing in all of the ingredients in the bowl. 
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Our range of attachments for Kenwood kMix Kitchen Machines can create all sorts of pasta shapes (bronze discs can be purchased separately). As well as a biscuit maker for creating entertaining cookie shapes. Pasta extruder creates pasta shapes (from fusilli to macaroni Simply feed the pasta dough through from the feed tray, attach the disc with your shape of choice, and slice off at the desired length Bronze discs are designed to create a rough texture on the pasta, to ensure sauce sticks to it Made from high quality materials
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Tagliatelle is a traditional type of pasta from the Emilia-Romagna and Marche regions of Italy. These long, 6mm flat ribbons can be served with a variety of sauces, the classic being is a meat or Bolognese sauce. Tagliatelle cutter cuts thin (6mm) strips from flat pasta sheets Made from high quality materials
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A classic Italian pasta, tagliolini is also known as tagliarini. Tagliolini noodles are a variety of tagliatelle pasta, the classic noodle from the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. Long and paper-thin, the spaghetti-like noodles are cylindrical in shape and usually less than an eighth of an inch (three millimeters) in diameter. Tagliolini cutter cuts spaghetti-like strips from flat pasta sheets Made from high quality materials
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Spaghetti is a firm family favourite and the perfect choice for just about any pasta sauce you can think of. And now it's easy to make your own fresh, 2mm spaghetti at home. For a change, why not use it to fortify casseroles or stir-fry dishes. Spaghetti alla carbonara, here we come. Spaghetti cutter cuts thin (2mm) strips from flat pasta sheets Made from high quality materials
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Whipping cream, beating up a batch of eggs, or frosting some cupcakes - sometimes a hand mixer is all you need (and they're small for perfect storage, too). With 5 speeds and a pulse feature, the kMix Hand Mixer is the perfect tool for the starter kitchen. Not sure if you're a baking goddess yet? The Hand Mixer beats, whisks, and has a pair of dough hooks so you can try everything in the kitchen (without committing to a huge appliance first). Already have a stand mixer? Have you ever wanted to whip up a batch of icing, while you've got a loaf kneading in the stand mixer? With the kMix Hand Mixer and a bowl, you're all set.  The Sure-Grip handle, die-cast aluminium body, and stainless steel attachments make this 350 watt mixing machine a goodie.
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Kenwood Barcelona kMix Stand Mixer (KMX80) If you’re looking for a high quality Kitchen Machine that embodies our Kenwood Chef values in a chic, stunning design, kMix is a piece of art in the kitchen that makes a statement about you. Kenwood kMix is the icing on the cake when it comes to putting the finishing touches to your kitchen design. Kitchen kMix Machine 500w motor even perfect for heavy dough loads up to 1.35kg, large 5l bowl, easy to position attachments, all metal attachments, auto stop feature if the head is lifted during use, advanced electronic speed control, controls ergonomically designed for easy front access and easy operation. - Colour: Barcelona - Body Material: Aluminium - Speeds: Min, , Max - Electronic Speed Control - K-Beater - Dough Tool - Whisk - Bowl Tool Material: Non-stick Coated Aluminium - Splashguard - Bowl Material: Stainless Steel with Handle - Bowl Capacity: 5L - Capacity - Cake: 2.72kg - Capacity - Dough: 1.3kg - Capacity - Egg Whites: 12 - Capacity - Flour for Pastry: 680g - Fold Function - Bowl Attachment Outlet - Slow Speed Attachment Outlet - Cord Storage - Dishwasher Safe: Bowl, Bowl Tools and Splashguard - Spatula - Recipe Suggestions - Size: 22.3L x 36.1W x 34.9H - Weight: 8.05kg - Wattage: 500w - Guarantee: 1 Year
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Kenwood KMX95 kMix Stand Mixer Pistachio KMX95 This fantastic kMix Stand Mixer from Kenwood adds style and colour to your kitchen. With its ergonomically designed body and controls conveniently placed at the front, the kMix stand mixer is not only stylish but easy to use. With a 5 Litre stainless steel bowl, 500 Watt power and planetary action, the kMix will work with large quantities perfectly. For delicate mixing, there is a unique fold function that mixes at an extra slow speed, allowing ingredients to be perfectly incorporated without losing air that is important for baking mixtures. All of the attachments are used at the front of the machine which makes it quick and easy. Green Kitchen Machine 500 watts 5l Stainless Steel bowl with handle Planetary mixing action Metal control dial with variable speed K Beater, Dough hook and Whisk included Slow speed attachment outlet Splashguard with hinged lid For all other homeware and appliances,feel free to contact me
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Silatelli is a type of long spaghetti originating near the Amalfi coast in Naples. They look like short, slightly wider strips of tagliatelle and are sometimes ‘pinched’ in the middle. Silatelli are usually cooked with courgettes and mussels or clams, and can also be served with a simple, fresh cherry tomato and garlic sauce. Pasta disc for Kenwood kMix, Chef and Major Stand Mixers To be used in conjunction with the Kenwood kMix Kitchen Machine Pasta Extruder or the Kenwood Short Pasta Maker
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