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Hi All Our company is looking for 5 Technician to take position for Telecommunication optic fibre HOD Manager. FOA Advice on Jobs in Fiber Optics We get many questions regarding how to find jobs in fiber optics so we’ve created this report to share some information. Part 1: Jobs in Fiber Optics There are many different jobs available in the fiber optics field, in many different types of organizations. Each has unique requirements and requires different educational backgrounds. Fiber Optic Component and System Designers Most of those who design fiber optic components have at least a undergraduate degree. For components like connectors, it would be in mechanical engineering. Optical components like fibers require knowledge of both optics and materials, so many designers will have degrees in physics, chemistry or materials. If you want to develop lasers or photodetectors, you should have a background in solid-state physics. Designing transceivers involves a combination of electronics and fiber optics. Designers of fiber optic systems are usually electronic engineers familiar with digital communications systems. Fiber optic components are used like integrated circuits to develop these communications systems. Manufacturing Fiber Optic Components and Systems Facilities where fiber optic components (fiber, cable, connectors, hardware, tools or test equipment) are manufactured need highly educated and skilled workers. They may operate machines costing millions of dollars that make the precision components and use sophisticated instruments to test the quality of the products. Manufacturing jobs will have differing requirements depending on the technical nature of the job. Some require manual skills while others may require advanced technical education to understand the complicated manufacturing processes in order to ensure proper operation. Installation Probably the largest number of jobs are as installers who build fiber optic networks. Installers must be skilled in the process of pulling cables, splicing and terminating, then testing them. It requires more manual dexterity than the other jobs, plus a basic understanding of how the systems work. In addition, installers work with specialized equipment like fusion splicers, OLTSs and OTDRs that require extensive knowledge of their operation and an understanding of how to interpret test results. Workers who install telephone, surveillance CCTV and CATV fiber optic networks do much of their work outdoors (what we call outside plant – OSP - installations) braving year-round weather. They sometimes operate big machines that dig trenches and lay Jobs in Fiber Optics.doc 5/31/10 p2 and/or pull cables as well as bucket trucks. Then they bring the ends of the cables into special trucks or trailers where lengths of cable are spliced together and tested. Outside plant (OSP) installations generally require more hardware (and more knowledge of the tools and test equipment.) Pullers, splicers, OTDRs and even splicing vans are the tools of the trade for OSP contractors. Premises cabling techs install cables inside buildings for computer networks, security systems and other building management systems. Computer and security networks use lots of fiber which is installed inside buildings.
South Africa
Need rubble removed? We remove rubble from complexes (limited quantities due to complex rules), houses, big and small construction sites. There is no job to big or to small. Our quick turn around time and hassle free commitment means you call once and we get rid of your rubble, building rubble, garden refuse, tree felling waste, you name it we get rid of it! Areas of operation are throughout great Johannesburg from Randburg, Fourways, Midrand, Sandton, Bryanston, Parktown North, Parkhurst, Blairgowrie, North Riding to the Eastrand, Alberton, Germiston, Befordview and more. We operate from our base in the West Rand. We are expert specialists in the the following; Building rubble removal, Swimming Pool Removal,Building demolition, Garden rubble removal, Garden refuse removal, Site and Industrial clean-ups, Quick ground leveling, Tree felling / Stump removal, Steel works, Bulk earth moving, General maintenance, Mini loads Johannesburg is one the most beautiful cities in the country. That is because we work together to keep it rubble and waste free. Our company's goal is to keep all areas of this beautiful city clean, no job is too big for us! We remove rubble from large sites. Additionally we have our own plant machinery to load these trucks. CALL ME SIMON PETER ON 062 731 9575. BIG JOBS, CONTRACTORS AND OUT-SOURCERS ARE ALL WELCOME.

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