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The machine fills cuts and seals plastic tube with fruit juice, soft serve ice cream,yoghurt etc.Supply school's, spazas hawkers etc. Limited machines available. Call to confirm availability. FRED .
Johannesburg (Gauteng)


The machine fills cuts and seals plastic tube with"FRUIT JUICE",SOFT SERVE ICE CREAM, YOUGURT.Supply schools, cafes, spazas etc. Limited machines available. Call to confirm availability.Fred .
South Africa


POLOKWANE  - Tel: Schoeman Street, Opp Early Bird & Department Of Land Affairs 2c Industria Street WOODWORX Complex,  Near Enterprise WE MANUFACTURE & SUPPLY... Folding Stages,Dance Floors,  Hot Dog Grills,Deep Fryers ,Electric Chicken Rotisseri,Candy Floss Machines ,Popcorn Machines ,Display Curved Glass Warmers ,Kebab (Schwarma) Machines ,Flat Griddles ,Bain Marie (Food Heater),Spiral Chip Cutter ,Wall Mounted Chips Cutter,Ice Cream Machines,Ice Crushers,Milkshake Makers, Jumping Castles , Alpine Tents,Dome Tents ,Peg & Pole (Traditonal) Tents ,Frame Structured Tents ,Cube Inflatable Tents,Classic Tents ,Classic Stretch Tents,Stretch Tents,Stretch Tent Decor,Canvas Tents ,Inflatable Tents ,Jasmin Tents ,Camping Tents ,Alpine Tents ,Pogoda Tents ,Star Tents,Gazebos,Pop Up Tents, King & Queen Chairs ,Couches,Tiffany Chairs (Clear, Silver, Gold, White),Plastic Chairs,Wimbeldon Chairs, Round Tables (10 Seater) 1.8m Radius PVC Top,Round Tables (10 Seater) 1.8m Radius PLASTIC ,Steel Rectangular Tables, Portable Toilets Flushing With Drum,Portable Toilets Non Flush With Drum,VIP Mobile (Trailer) Toilets Double ,VIP Mobile (Trailer) Toilets Single , Mobile (Trailer) Chillers (Fridge),Mobile (Trailer) Freezers, Mobile (Trailer) Kitchens, Mobile (Traielr) Bars,  Cargo Trailers, Chair Covers ,Table Clothes,Artificial Grasses,Carpets,We Also Do REPAIRS OF Tents....
Pietersburg (Limpopo)


This machine has every game you can imagine plus many more 1940 Games in one Machine, YES 1940 Games HURRY ONLY 4 OF THESE AWESOME MACHINES LEFT !!!!! This Arcade Machine is the Ultimate Machine, with every Game you can imagine.. Honestly this one has them all * 1940 (yes 1940) Games in One Machine * 2 Player 6 Buttons Each Player * Huge 26" Commercial Arcade LCD Screen (not a computer screen) * Joystick and Buttons Light Up (See Pics) * Awesome Side and Front Graphics You name the game, this machine has it This Machine really has them all. Come in to our showroom for a Demo.. * Full 12 Months Parts and Labour Warranty Street Fighter,1942,Hyper Olympics, Galaga, The Simpsons, Galaga, Space Invaders, 1942, Choplifter, Congo Bongo, Circus Charlie, Dig Dug, Frogger, Galaga 3, Kung-Fu Master, Hyper Sports, Lode Runner, Mario Brothers, Metal Slug, Millipede, Moon Patrol, New Rally X, Mr Do, Pac Man, Pootan, Popeye, Qix, Space Invaders, Super Cobra, Tetris, Time Pilot, The Simpsons, WWF Superstars, Wonder Boy, Donkey Kong, Moon Patrol, Scramble, Super Pacman, Pitfall, Pengo, Crush Roller, Kick Start, Pinball, Mortal Combat, Donkey Kong, Double Dragon,Marvel Super Heroes , All versions of Metal Slug, Tank Battalion, Mortal kombat, 1. Adventure Island 2. Arkanoid 3. Arabian 4. Aladin 5. Archery 6. Badminton 7. Balloon Fight 8. Baseball 9. Battle City 10. Bird Week 11. Binary Land 12. Bomberman 13. Bridge Fighter 14. Burger Time 15. Building Wall 16. Burhter Contra 17. Clu Clu Land 18. Chinese Chess 19. Combat 20. Circus Charlie 21. Chack Pop 22. City Connection 23. Clay Shoot 24. Challenger 25. City Road 26. Coco Island 27. Defender 28. Donkey Kong 29. Donkey Kong 2 30. Donkey Kong 3 31. Duck Hunt 32. Dig Dug 33. Dr Mario 34. Devil World 35. Door Door 36. Excite Bike 37. Exerion 38. F1 Race 39. Five Dots Chess 40. Formation-Z 41. Front Line 42. Fighter Contra 43. Fire Fight 44. Galaga 45. Gradius 46. Golf 47. Gyrodine 48. Galaxian 49. Geimos 50. Galg 51. Green Island 52. Golden Runner 53. Hogan Alley 54. Hyper Sports 55. Horse Circus 56. High Jump 57. Ice Climber 58. Jewelry 59. Joust 60. Javelin Throw 61. Jump Island 62. Kung Fu 63. Knights Fight 64. Karateka 65. Luna Ball 66. Lode Runner 67. Lode Runner 2 68. Long Jump 69. Leagand Kage 70. Millipede 71. Mappy 72. Mario Bros 73. Mach Rider 74. Macross 75. Mickey Mouse 76. Nuts and Milk 77. Ninja III 78. Paper Boy 79. Pacman 80. Pinball 81. Pooyan 82. Popeye 83. Power Contra 84. Power Mario 85. Raid On Bay 86. Road Fighter 87. Route 16 88. Ringside 89. Star Soldier 90. Super Jack 91. Space Invaders 92. Star Force 93. Super Contra 94. Sky Destroyer 95. Son Son 96. Spartan X 97. Space Contra 98. Sun Fan Mario 99. Swimming Mario 100. Sqoon 101. Skeet Shooting 102. Track and Field 103. Tetris II 104. Tennis 105. The New Type 106. Thexd Call or email for more information. whatsapp me @ 0603753451
Pretoria (Gauteng)

R 8.000

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