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Finders piece hex

Port Elizabeth (Eastern Cape)
SPECIAL* COMBINATION TOOL SET 120 PIECE IN PLASTIC CASE Brand:             TORK CRAFT Product Code: JJBD120W The set includes: 25mm Bits (40 piece): (x2) Slot-head 5.0mm (x2) Slot-head 5.5mm (x2) Slot-head 6.0mm (x2) Slot-head 7.0mm (x2) Phillips #0 (x2) Phillips #1 (x2) Phillips #2 (x2) Phillips #3 (x2) Pozidrive #0 (x2) Pozidrive #1 (x2) Pozidrive #2 (x2) Pozidrive #3 (x1) Torx T10 (x1) Torx T15 (x1) Torx T20 (x1) Torx T25 (x1) Torx T27 (x1) Torx T30 (x1) Torx T40 (x1) Hex 2.0mm (x1) Hex 2.5mm (x1) Hex 3.0mm (x1) Hex 4.0mm (x1) Hex 5.0mm (x1) Hex 6.0mm (x1) Robertson (Square drive) #1 (x1) Robertson (Square drive) #2 (x1) Robertson (Square drive) #3 Spade bits (5 piece): Brad point drills (13 piece): Nutsetters (18 piece): Ø 10.0mm Ø 3.0mm 5.0mm Ø 13.0mm Ø 3.5mm 6.0mm Ø 16.0mm Ø 4.0mm 7.0mm Ø 19.0mm Ø 4.5mm 8.0mm Ø 22.0mm Ø 4.8mm 9.0mm   Ø 5.0mm 10.0mm HSS drill bits (13 piece): Ø 5.5mm 11.0mm Ø 1.5mm Ø 6.0mm 12.0mm Ø 2.0mm Ø 6.3mm 13.0mm Ø 2.5mm Ø 6.5mm mm Ø 7.0mm mm Ø 7.5mm mm Ø 8.0mm mm   mm Masonry drill bits (4 piece): mm Ø 5.0mm mm Ø 6.0mm mm Ø 8.0mm mm Ø 10.0mm   Ø 6.5mm       Various: 50mm Bits (6 piece): 65mm Bits (4 piece): (x8) Mounted stones. Slot-head 5.5mm (x2) Slot-head 6.0mm (x3) Screw finders. Slot-head 7.0mm (x2) Phillips #2 (xmm c ountersink Phillips #1   (x1) 60mm b it holder Phillips #2   (x1) Quick change chuck. Pozidrive #1   (x1) 1/4" x 50mm socket adaptor. Pozidrive #2   (x1) Ratchet screwdriver     (xmm lexible shaft.       Application: The combination set is an ideal set of various bits and drill bits that can be used all around the house for repairs and installations. The bits are manufactured from Chrome Vanadium for extended life and durability.

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