Female curly tarantula

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Female Tarantula curly hair with two enclosures for sale. She is about 2 years old.
Klerksdorp (North West)

R 600


I'm selling my Tarantula collection, I would prefer to sell them altogether, Collection would include numerous extra tanks, plants, waterbowls, accessories', Roaches, Mealworms', A snake tank (Converted to hold slings with heating), 100+ Sling cups, Containers & a set of shelves (In great condition worth R1500) and the following Tarantulas' Brazilian Red & White Tarantula MF R750 Chaco Golden Knee MM, R50 Mexican Orange Beauty, Female R1500 *rare Mexican Red Rump Tarantula, Male, 8cm R200 Mexican Red Rump Tarantula, Female, 10cm R300 Mexican Red Rump, MF, 15cm R350 Mexican Golden Red Rump Female, 10cm R350 Scarlet Birdeater, Female, 10cm, 2 available. R250 Scarlet Birdeater, L.Klugi, Female, 18cm R300 Salmon Pink Birdeater, 10cm R220 Curly Hair 5cm R40 x2  Haitian Brown MF R750 Giant Blonde 5cm R200 Brazilian White Knee pair R1700  Chilean Rose 1cm R100 Mexican True Red Leg 1cm R150 Orange Banded 5cm R180 Burma Chocolate Brown 10cm pair R1500  Tiger Rump 10cm Pair R650  O.sp Mardinique MM *rare R350 Collection of everything is worth over R12 000 But I would like R7500neg for the whole lot. Collection is perfect for someone who is starting out & considering breeding. I am situated in Rynfield, Benoni.
South Africa

R 7.500


I'm selling my curly hair tarantula. Extremely tame. Comes with cage, decor including rock water bowl plant and peat that's already inside. This tarantula is not sexed. (Don't know if it's a female or male yet)
South Africa

R 800


Hi im selling my tarantula colection working long hours dont have the time to take care of them anymore sell or swop for ball pythons or why open to all offers some Ts not on the list can whatsapp me on 083 632 6060 Gooty breeding pair R2500 GBB breeding pair R1000 Suntiger breeding pair R950 Panamablond breeding pair R850 Chaco goldenknee breeding pair R700 Male and female red knee not mature yet R850 2×king babboons R1200 1×versicolor MF R1500 1×earthtiger MF R1500 1×cobalt blue MF R800 1×trinidad chevron MF R800 1×lampropelma nigerrimum R550 2×haplopelma sp minax/bigblack R650 each 1×pink beauty MF R750 1×GBB juvi R650 1×pink beauty juvi R550 1×mexican red rump MF R650 1×golden red rump almost mature R400 1×golden red rump juvi R250 1×gaint white knee MF R550 1×brazilian red and white R450 1×brazilian red and white juvi R250 1×Red knee MM R200 2xThai zebras R700 each 2×Hati hati R550 each 1×brazilian black and white MF R700 1×tiger rump MF R500 1×togo starburst R250 1×striata R250 2×salmon pink R250 each 1×lusiodora klugi R250 1×Brachypelma boehmi R250 1×curly MF R350 1×fireleg female R750 1×scarlet bird eater R350 3×curly juvis R250 each 1×fire red bird eater R550
South Africa

R 25.000


Selling my Curly Hair Tarantula with tank and accessories and food. Selling it for R750 negotiable. This is a very calm spider and has never bitten or tried to bite anyone, they are not poisons. The Tarantula is about 2 years old. It is a female. if interested or wanting more photos please contact on 084 232 1453. Call or WhatsApp.
East London (Eastern Cape)

R 750


Giant White Knee (8-10 cm unsexed) R100, Purple Tree Spider (8-10 cm unsexed) R250, Curly Hair (12 cm unsexed) R100, Sri Lanka Ornamental (15 cm + unsexed) R250, Golden Fringed Tarantula (8-10 cm unsexed) R350, Green Bottle Blue adult female R700, Mexican Red Knee (8-10 cm unsexed) R200, Borneo Black (8cm + unsexed) R300, Venezuelan Sun Tiger adult male R200, Chillean Rose male 10 cm + R200, King Baboon (unsexed 6-8 cm) x2 R400 each, Chacko Golden Knee adult female R400, Pumpkin Path adult female R300, Pumpkin Patch adult male R150, Fire Red Bird Eater (unsexed R10cm +) R300, Golden Red Rump adult female R400, Golden Red Rump semi adult male R200, Tiger Rump (unsexed, possible female 10 cm) R250
Pretoria (Gauteng)


I have a tarantula collection im looking to sell... 6cm greenbottle blue female... 6-8 cm mexican red knee female... 6cm Brazilian giant white knee... 6-8cm curly hair male... 1cm mexican fire leg sling.... all in cages with bowl and hide... 3 large heat mats + 2 small heat mats... and exstra 10cm × 10cm cage!
South Africa

R 2.000


hello ppl!,i got chaco golden knee tarantula n a big curly hair very beautiful things i not 200% sure dey both female but dey will soon star...
South Africa


Giant blonde rose colour adult female R1200 now R850 Giant blonde female R1000 now R800 Braz red giant R1400 now R950 Tiger rumps R450 2 females left now R300 Gooty 2.5cm slings R400 now R300 P.Regalis 7cm R650 now R500 P.Regalis MF R850 Now R700 Curly female R800 now R650 Peruvian blonde R550 5cm now R400 Salmon pink 4cm to 6cm R250 Salmon pink 7cm to 8cm R450 now R300 Scarlet bird eater 7cm to 8cm R500 now R400 Mexican flame knee 4cm R350 Brazilian giant white knee 9cm R500 now R400 Pumpkin patch R600 now R450
South Africa

R 250


0-0-1 Avic. Purpurea +-10cm R Brachypelma albopilosum (curly hair) +- 6cm R Brachypelma smithi (red knee) +-12cm R450 female 1-0 Brachypelma boehmei (fire leg) +- 10cm not mature R250 male 1-0 Brachypelma klaasi (pink beauty) +- 10cm not mature R300 male 0-0-1 Brachypelma klaasi (pink beauty) +- 4cm RGrammostola rosea (chillian rose) +- 8cm R Brachypelma vagans (red rump) +- 10cm think male R Lampropelma violaceopes (singapore blue) +- 3cm R200 no tank 0-0-1 Hapalopus sp (pimpkin patch) sling R50 1cm 0-0-4 Heteroscodra maculata (Togo Starburst) communal +- 1cm R350 for Grammostola Pulchripes (coco golden) +-2cm R40
South Africa


Adult male and female red rumps 1 juvinile stripe leg bird eater 1 juvinile brazilian red and white 2cm tanzanian chestnut baboon 3cm chaco goulden knee 4 curly hair slings 1 salmon pink sling Tarantulas comes with cages Watsapp brandon
Pretoria (Gauteng)


Urgent sale she is tame and lovely and she is a Curly hair Tarantula and u can take her out of the tenk
South Africa

R 800


Brazilian curly hair tarantula (female 3-4 years old) Mexican Flame leg tarantula (female 4-5 years old) both are in extreamly healthy. Tanks are included. R each or R for both. Sms and phone calls only!
South Africa


adult male very tame hedgehog r800 and x2 curly hair tarantula.female. with seperate enclosures 300 each...prices negotiable...168671590
South Africa

R 2.000

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