Electrical ceiling light set

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Specification: Working frequency: 315 Total load power: 1x1000W Working voltage: AC200V-240V (50Hz/60Hz) Launch battery: 12V 23A battery Remote control distance: indoors is more than 25 meters, empty space is 100 meters Load power: (1), the resistive load is: a single set of output power is less than 1000W (such as ordinary incandescent lamps, bulbs); (2), inductive load: a single set of output power is less than 250W (such as with ballast class: Energy-saving lamps, bracket lights, ceiling lamps and other small appliances) Applicable electrical appliances: chandeliers, crystal lamps, modern low-voltage lamps, ceiling lamps, ceiling lamps, fluorescent lamps, energy-saving lamps, exhaust fans and other small appliances. Scope of application: Suitable for home, stairs, aisles, corridors, toilets, warehouses, garages, factories, workshop lighting, etc. Certification: CCC certification, CE certification, etc. Remote control handle: 9.6 x 4 x1.2cm Host: 7.1x4.5x 2.3cm Features: 1. Use this product to let you enjoy life and enjoy the fun and charm of high quality life with modern radio technology. 2. This product can directly replace the opening and closing functions of the original wall switch, and truly realize the movable control, which is convenient and free. 3, the entire lighting system lights can achieve one-button full-open and one-button full-off, control function freely, you can freely remotely switch any street light in the house, which one to brighten. 4. This product adopts microcomputer (single-chip microcomputer) as the core circuit design, and the core electronic components are all imported components, which guarantees the quality of the products. In the remote control, it can be directional, can be remotely controlled by the wall, full control, two-way control, can be controlled by wall switch, or can be controlled by remote control, which is more convenient and safer to use. Notion: The product wiring is two in and two out, that is, the zero line, the fire line enters, the zero line, the fire line, and the receiver is connected in series in the line! There are wiring diagrams (the middle two are the incoming lines, the outer two are the outgoing lines, connected to the lamps). Package Included: 1 x 1 Channel Digital Wireless Remote Control Switch 1 x Infrared Receiver
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