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South Africa
The Pocket Dangerous Book for Boys. Things to do. - Conn and Hall Iggulden by Conn and Hall Iggulden Publisher:HarperCollins / Year:2007 / Office Use: D Type:Hardcover Pages:211 Approx. H X W (cm): 17 X 13 ISBN (10):1842398725 / ISBN (13):9781842398722 Light to mild wear. Chaffing on covers. Liquid stains or damage. All text readable. Other: Minor liquid stains.
South Africa
Hardcover in very good condition, as good as new. Solidly bound and clean inside. Published 2007 with 270 pages and b/w illustrations. A bestseller - the book takes you back to days before video games. In this book you find the things boys want to do - treehouses, electromagnates, identifying spiders, etc. The perfect gift to stimulate going outside! Postage in RSA = R58.00
South Africa (All cities)
Summer, 1944. As Allied soldiers prepare to land in France, Marc and his friends must destroy a battalion of German tanks that could halt the invasion in its tracks. The tide of war has turned against the Nazis, but desperation has made them more brutal than ever. Henderson's Boys' final mission will be their most dangerous. With food and weapons in short supply, survival is the biggest challenge of all. Format:Paperback
South Africa
Diary of a Wimpy Kid meets The Dangerous Book for Boys, Danger is Everywhere is a brilliantly funny handbook for avoiding danger of all kinds that will have everyone from reluctant readers to bookworms laughing out loud (very safely) from start to finish. Does it warn you about what to do if a shark comes up out of the loo while you are sitting on it? Yes it does. And how to find out if your granny is a robot? That too. And what to do if a volcano erupts underneath your house? After you've made sure it's not a neighbour's barbecue, this book will let you know exactly how to deal with it. "I dislocated my jaw laughing". (Eoin Colfer, author of Artemis Fowl). Written by Docter Noel Zone, the world's greatest (and only) Dangerologist, with the help of his neighbours: David O'Doherty (words): a multi-award-winning stand-up comedian, writer and popular guest on television shows such as QI, Have I Got News For You and Would I Lie to You? David has written two theatre shows for children, including one where he fixed their bicycles live on stage. Chris Judge (pictures): the award winning author/illustrator of The Lonely Beast, three successive picture books and a number of other projects. Chris' work has appeared in high-profile advertising campaigns, newspapers, magazines, exhibitions and other media in Ireland and the UK. Format:Paperback Pages:256
Alberton (Gauteng)
The Secret Circle: The Captive Part II and the Power - L. J. Smith. Now that Cassie is part of the most alluring and deadly clique imaginable, she is starting to realise that power comes with a price -- more dangerous than she knows. Torn between the dueling desires of the two leaders of the Secret Circle, Cassie is struggling again. Does she use her considerable supernatural power to save lives, or does she put all her energy into keeping Adam, the boys she loves. Cassie's relationship with Adam is threatening to tear the circle apart, so where does Cassie's loyalty, and strength, truly lie? Is she brave enough to lead the coven out of danger? Or will she fall prey to the darkness..? Softcover book. 308 Pages. Secondhand book. Book 2. English. This book will be removed when sold.
South Africa
This item is sold brand new. It is ordered on demand from our supplier and is usually dispatched within 8 - 15 working days Hulton College in Norfolk is a school dedicated to producing military officers. With the First World War about to start, the boys of the school will soon be on the front line. But no one expects a war - not even Dr John Smith, the college's new house master...The Doctor's friend Benny is enjoying her holiday in the same town. But then she meets a future version of the Doctor, and things start to get dangerous very quickly. With the Doctor she knows gone, and only a suffragette and an elderly rake for company, can Benny fight off a vicious alien attack? And will Dr Smith be able to save the day? This is an adventure set in Britain on the eve of the First World War, featuring the Seventh Doctor as played by Sylvester McCoy and his companion Bernice Summerfield. This book was the basis for the Tenth Doctor television story Human Nature / The Family of Blood starring David Tennant. Features Summary Hulton College in Norfolk is a school dedicated to producing military officers. With the First World War about to start, the boys of the school will soon be on the front line... Author Paul Cornell Publisher Bbc Books Release date 20150212 Pages 288 ISBN 1-84990-909-1 ISBN 13 978-1-84990-909-9
South Africa
(This title is available on demand: expected date of dispatch will be 4-7 working days once ordered) New adventures are in store for Joe and everyone else at the Hidden Horseshoe sanctuary in the third book in Victoria Eveleigh's new horse and pony series. Joe is fascinated by every horse he meets. Lightning is a pony club champion, but new challenges await Joe with his second pony, Fortune. Then he meets Velvet and Sherman, two majestic Shires, who open his eyes to the world of heavy horses. And Joe is about to discover just how awesome Shires can be when they help him in a dangerous and dramatic rescue at the Hidden Horseshoe sanctuary. The third in a pony trilogy for boys and girls from the author of the Katy's Ponies trilogy. Format:Paperback Pages:128

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