Coffee machine johny ak

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Coffee Machine johny ak/8-5 brews coffe and works as a water warmer heating elemnt 1.200w cast in aluminum for constant temnparature and adequatte heat transfer for the coffe brewing adequate insulation, to prevent heat transfer on the surface of the appliance thermostat 50c - 300c for the regulation of the heating element temparature(coffee brewing in sand) safety switch 370c for the protection of the appliance indepenednt oparation switch for the water tank heating element of 600w under the water tank for boiling water ability of regulation and control of water temparature (for tea) stainless steel sand bucket for durabilty transparent water gauge to indicate water levels in the tank removable water collector supplied with one small brass coffee pot and one bag of special sand.
South Africa (All cities)

R 5.811

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