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Blue white peafowls

Fochville (North West)
Peafowls and peafowl eggs available for sale. We have India blue, India blue, white, Black shoulder, Java/Midnight split and their eggs for sale.
Lydenburg (Mpumalanga)
We have a variety of peafowls breeding pairs available for sale. Peacocks and peahens pairs are of adult and reproductive age. Pairs do come from separate parents and will form perfect breeding partners. we have available the following peafowls pairs available : Indian Blue , White, Pied, Black Shoulder, Green, Jade, Peach , and more... Also available is fertile eggs. Whatsapp : +27767813211 for more details or contact advert for details.
South Africa
We have different kinds of peacocks and peahens for sale.white,Green,India blue Black shoulder,Purple and pied peafowls.contact us for more details.
Cape Town (Western Cape)
We have some peafowls available for sale,Simply majestic, dazzling, and unique. This type of peafowl offers white feathering throughout with elegant, lacy tail feathers. A regal addition to any property, a white peafowl will certainly be the topic of conversation. A male India Blue Peacock can mate with a White peahen. White peafowl are a color variety of the India Blue Peacock. They are considered leucistic, a condition that affects the birds' feathers and turns them pale or white. Leucism differs from albinism in that this variety of peafowl has blue tinted eyes and lacks
Pietersburg (Limpopo)
Adorable Happy Peafowls Available::We have India Blue Also have White, Pied, Silver Pied & Emerald Spalding at best prices. Not all available at all times, they sell fast. Feed adult peafowl from your hand when you pick up your birds.
Port Alfred (Eastern Cape)
For Sale varieties of peacocks and peahens available. We have white,Indian Blue, Black Shoulder and Pied Peafowl, pairs, single males and single hens.
Potchefstroom (North West)
We have available for sale young and adult peafowls breeding pairs . We have available the Green, White , Black shoulder, Peach, Jade, Indian blue, Cameo, Pied and more. Our breeding pairs have been carefully sorted out and ready for delivery. Contact for more information.
Nelspruit (Mpumalanga)
We have available different types of peafowls for sale. We have the Indian Blue , Jade, Pied, Green, White , Charcoal Black, Peach , Camoe , Bufford and more. Also available is our carefully selected Fertile eggs for sale. Our breeding pairs have been well nurtured and come from separate bloodlines. Our farms is the most successful of all . Contact for more information on Breeding pairs

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