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  Terms Of Sale Read the Sale Description Happy Buying! Please ask me questions - I'll gladly give you a hand!     MISSION 760 Audiophile HiFi Speakers *VERY GOOD CONDITION & SOUND AMAZING*   Considering their age the speakers are in fantastic condition The drivers are perfect, tweeter domes are pristine, rubber surrounds on the bass driver are perfect and the speakers sound fantastic. Grills are still excellent, all mountings/locating pins perfect  The cabinets may have some light scratches, mild wear and tear from age and usage but overall very good - as can be seen in the pics   If you are starting out in Hifi Audiophile sound these are great speakers to get.   Specs: Type: two-way with 130mm bass/midrange, 19mm dome tweeter Bass loading reflex Frequency response: 70Hz-20kHz ±2.5dB. Nominal impedance: 6 Ohms Sensitivity 89dB/VVatt/metre. Recommended power amplifier rating: 25-75 Watts. Dimensions: (WxHxD) 180 x 295 x 200mm. Weight 10kg. Manufacturer: Mission Cyrus Group, Stonehill, Huntingdon   The pics below are of the Actual Item !!What you see Below is what You Get!!     Please confirm Compatibility Before ordering!   *I cannot do Returns or Refunds on Correctly Supplied Items*  Or ask me a question, I'll gladly be of assistance!!    
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Permalloy core processors are our true selling point. Why, you ask? Because it effectively eliminates distortion, and any buzzing sound that occurs from ground loops. Ground loops occur when your audio source and speaker utilize the same power source. This is often found in car speakers and home stereo systems using a Bluetooth receiver.Our Permalloy design is superior to previous silicon-steel designs as it provides the best possible transmission quality, and reduces the gadgets size. Our product is compatible with any portable device that is equipped with a 3.5mm audio jack. It can also be used with normal car kit, complete with a Bluetooth Receiver/Bluetooth hands-free that is perfect for use in both your car audio system and home stereo. This gadget is perfect for people on the go as it is lightweight and completely portable. You can use it for your home stereo, then remove it and insert it into your cars audio system, for music on the go.This product takes up little space measuring in at just 8.5 centimeters with a weight of 25 grams. Investing in a good audio isolator such as this will not only cancel ground loop noise, but will also play your music without any unwanted distortion. The low frequency of this HIFI version isolator can reach 20hz, allowing for 99% of consumers to receive distortion free audio. Features The low frequency of this HIFI version isolator can reach 20hz,audiophile should know the meaning of it. Because the human hearing range is from 20hz to 200000hz, people will not hear distortion Effectively filters the distortion out of the audio in your car, or on your home stereo. Easy to use. Just plug it in and begin enjoying perfect audio. Employs proprietary audio transformers for a dB gain of 1.3 Included connectors: 3.5mm Male to 3.5mm Female hookup Rids your speakers of any humming/buzzing related to ground loop issues Passive in-line device Gets rid of DC current in the way of the signal path Complete frequency response Features a close to perfect audio response of +/- 0.0 dB from 20-20,000 Hz This islator only can cancel ground loop noise,For example; if you hear a noise when charging your device but not when operating on battery, then this product should solve the problem. This package includes: o 1 Kript Ground Loop Noise Isolator o 1 Instruction Manual for ease of use
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Pro-Ject Phono Box S Phonostage Features Audiophile Performance Dual mono configuration Audiophile-grade amplification modules Audiophile-grade polypropylene WIMA capacitors Precise RIAA equalisation Switchable Subsonic filter 12dB @ 20Hz Switchable input impedance/capacitance 4 adjustable gain levels DC power supply (1 watt standby power) This new phono preamplifier offers unrivalled performance and unique flexibilty, which never before was available at this price! Sonic quality of Phono Box S is extremely impressive, a big improvement and a perfect upgrade for most analogue hifi system. With a wide range of setting parameters, it can meet the needs of almost any phono cartridge on the market. A switchable subsonic filter prevents your amplifier and speakers of ultra low rumble below 20Hz. Carefully selected amplifier modules and audiophile-grade polypropylene capacitors make it possible to enjoy your valuable vinyl collection like never before! The class-leading music reproduction of Phono Box S gives pure dynamics, full transparency, analogue warmth, bass texture, detail resolution and purity of all audible frequencies. Specifications Input impedance 10/100/1000 Ohms(MC)/ 47kOhms (MM) Input capacitance 100/200/320/420pF Gain switch 40/43/60/63dB Subsonic switch -12dB @ 20Hz MC: 68dB (75dB - IEC -A) THD 0,01% MM/ 0,05% MC RIAA deviance max. 0,4dB / 20Hz - 20kHz In/Out sockets 1 pair RCA connectors power consumption 18V/85mA oversized power supply 18Volt DC/500mA Dimensions (WxHxD) 103 x 36 x 104 mm 103 x 36 x 115 mm (with sockets) Face plate colour silver or black Weight 570 g net
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