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Before the melamine milk powder, cooking oil after the living diet, now reappeared eco deck prices formaldehyde, our health all the time no longer hurt, and therefore dependence on natural, healthy products more and more demand. And no matter where you are, no matter how busy you are, eventually people will go home, but only at home to let us get home, relax, get stable, and home improvement represent a person's taste, a person of life attitude, naturally in this pair has a unique emotional in nature, ultimately emerging wood floors, but formaldehyde event has emerged in my mind the other side, if I can identify themselves wood flooring formaldehyde that is more than okay. Today, Xiao Bian will take you to how to identify wood flooring formaldehyde. Currently there is a lot known green wood flooring, is it really green? In fact, just a little bit less toxic release these green price of redwood decking, a long time (15 years), or how many times endanger our health, and really are environmentally friendly flooring, which is made from natural wood are dried after processing the formation of surface decoration materials, wood carving from outside nature, always retains its most sincere nature, in front of people always retains its most pure face, are truly natural, environmentally friendly products. Small way to identify whether the excessive formaldehyde are: the wooden floor saw a new section, carefully smell, look, if there is a pungent smell, or feel dazzling, certainly belong to substandard products formaldehyde; otherwise almost certain environmentally friendly products. In addition, consumers can top a small model of immersion in boiling water for 1-3 minutes, to see whether there is a pungent odor. Green wood because of the low formaldehyde emission, generally do not smell the pungent odor, if irritating odor is very strong, and even make the eyes feel uncomfortable, then prove that the base of the [url=]ECO Products Project Case[/url] more free formaldehyde. This approach is simple but rapid identification of formaldehyde out of wood, I believe we have all of it.
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