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Install toolsheds d Heidelberg, 0629424548 affordable steel huts Heidelberg, site toilets for sale Heidelberg We manufacture and install toolsheds d Heidelberg,0629424548 affordable steel huts Heidelberg, site toilets for sale Heidelberg, buy steel huts Heidelberg, quality steel huts Heidelberg, we do steel huts Heidelberg, zozo sheds Heidelberg, 0629424548toolsheds installations Heidelberg, metal huts Heidelberg.
21 Mar

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Heidelberg-Gauten (Gauteng)

R 4.000


Quality steel huts at low prices with Modern Perfectors Projects,Our work is done efficiently,strong and durable around Vaal Gauteng and surrounding provinces.We are highly experienced and registered,kindly visit our website for more information on our services.
17 Mar

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Heidelberg-Gauten (Gauteng)

R 3.500


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28 Feb
Heidelberg-Gauten (Gauteng)

R 300


Jerry the tiler. i am a very good affordable tiler with expirience
18 Feb
Heidelberg-Gauten (Gauteng)


Termite Control,Eradication And Prevention Treatment Services (Vaaltraingle-Herdelberg). *Since Prompt,Professional Services. *Pre-Construction Termite Treatments. *Post-Construction Termite Treatments. *Garden Termite Treatments. *Termite Inspections And Clearance Certificates. *Termicide In Accordance With SANS . *Reg.With The Dept.Of Agriculture (Act. (Five) Year Guarantee Certificate Issued On Termite Treatments. *Budget Prices. Call:
19 Jan
Heidelberg-Gauten (Gauteng)


Box of Roland Blades, include 3 Cemented Carbide Blades 45° for General Usage (New) SKU:V-B3 -> R http://am.co.za/plotter/blade # If you wish to know about the pace that keeps the wear and tear of the blade to the best level, you can go to http://am.co.za/plotter/blade #, where you can get a glimpse of the size of the artwork and the speed to cut the that specific artwork. We make certain that these blades are offered at an affordable price. In reality, these blades last for two to three months, when employed daily under normal conditions. On our website, you will also be able to view the price of these blades excluding the VAT that is levied on the price. In fact, the availability of the cutter blades is also captured on our site along with the code that you need to use while placing your order. A comparison of the prices supplied by us and other reputable manufacturers is also available on our website and you are welcome to look at this information. Apart from selling these blades, we are also stock all of the blades. We can only place very little words in this ad. These are only some of the features of our products. If you want to know more details please check our detailed product page: http://am.co.za/plotter/blade #. Please keep in mind that all our products come with a strong technical support and/or service maintenance plan. If you have more queries feel free to contact or our sales executives. Advanced Machinery is focussed on Computerized Numerical Controlled Machinery, automatic and half-automatic machinery with high precision and high output capacity. All our industry-used machinery is for heavy use, minimized downtime is ensured by quality-build products, over stocked parts and always-available technicians. With the machine spare parts from four corners of the earth, for example: machine chassis of China, Servo Motor of Japan, CNC Control of Taiwan, Ultra-Speed spindles of Italy, Precision Switch of German and Power Supplies of America, Advanced Machinery is capable of create world-class machinery for the African continent. Please get more info from our company website http://am.co.za/ # for CNC Laser machine, Paper Cutter, CNC Marble Router and Plasma CNC Cutting Machine and many more.
04 Jan
Heidelberg-Gauten (Gauteng)


Φ30mm Silicon Reflection Mirror Plated with Multi-layer Dielectric Film (NEW) SKU:L-MIRROR/SI/30 - R499 0713242291 http://am.co.za/laser/mirror # If it is important for you to handle your reflection issues, Laser Reflecting Mirror are your answer. CO2 Laser Silicon Mirror 30mm Diameter are no foreign in the industry. Experts who have to work with laser lenses and laser mirrors are clued up with the essence of CO2 Laser Mirror. That is because these mirrors are thought to be the most advanced and the perfect solutions to situations that pertain to issues such as reflection losses. In case you happen to be experiencing reflection loss, you want to contemplate the role of CO2 Laser Mirror We can only place limited words in this ad. These are only some of the features of our products. If you like to know more please check our detailed product page: http://am.co.za/laser/mirror # . Please note that all our products come with a strong technical support and/or service maintenance plan. In case you have more queries feel free to call at 0713242291. If you are really interested in investing pertaining to these CO2 Laser Silicon Mirrors 30mm Diameter then have a look at these useful and immensely exciting capabilities: With regards to the multitude of features of these mirrors or reflecting mirrors, remember that both offer good resistance power. This capability is unique to the CO2 Laser Engraver Reflecting Mirrors. As you see Laser Mirror for CO2 Laser Cutter, you will actually be looking at high energy fused pristine mirrors that hardly seize to deliver on performance levels. Installing these mirrors is simple. The high range of optical quality that the CO2 Laser Cutting Reflecting Mirror offers has to be lauded in every way. There are obviously other abilities that you need to throw light upon too, such as the mirror substrates and residual transmission. Handling also becomes simple with the cool foam-based rubber hands. CO2 Laser Engraver Reflect Mirrors as well as Laser Reflecting Mirrors are definitely going to be absolutely dispersion free. Check out our web site to make an order http://am.co.za/laser/mirror # Or call at 0713242291 if you have any questions about our product or its add-ons. Advanced Machinery is making industry machines at "made in China" prices locally here by working with machinery factories and setting up assemble-lines in Johannesburg. After all, you still get the super affordable price of equipment made in China and great services and the after sales support you deserve. Please get more info from our website: http://am.co.za/ # for CNC Router, Vinyl Cutting Machines, Laser Cutting & Engraving machines, Plasma Cutter and more.
08 Mar
Heidelberg-Gauten (Gauteng)

R 499


EasyRoute 1300×2500 4kW CNC Wood Router Complete Set, 380V, Water Cooled Spindle, Clamping Table (NEW) SKU:R-1325K/40 price R147999 0724055174 http://am.co.za/router/advertising # Best Opportunities in the Signage with our three Axes CNC Sign Making Routering Machine. All our CNC Signage Routering Machine come with a strong technical support, warranty and service plan. We give our clients with a Free service every 3 months for the first year. So, if you run into any technical question, our support team are always there to help you out. If you have questions about our products then, we would advice you to take a look at our website: http://am.co.za/router/advertising # where you can find all the highlights and details of our products. Please feel free to contact on 0724055174 The spindle of the CNC Sign-making Routing Machine is 4kW brushless and water cooled. The transmission system is made by wear-resistant rack and gear with helical teeth. It comes with a TSlot clamping table which makes 3D engraving easy and electricity-saving. It is fitted with a one push oiling system which makes it easy for the owner to lubricate all the components of the CNC Signage Business Routering Machine with just one push of the pump lever once a week. The CNC Signage Business Routing Machine work on 220V household electricity and has the biggest working area, fastest speed and strongest torque in its class. It has a maximum speed of 12 meter/minute for X/Y axis, and 5 meter/minute for Z axis. It comes with a 1.8° High Torque Stepper Motor that has a rated torque of 3.5 N-metre. Stepper motor is installed on the rack and gear, two stepper motors on each side of the rack for Y-axes and one on the ballscrew for Z-axis. If you want to know more detail regarding the functionality of the machine, you can visit to: http://am.co.za/router/advertising # For more extensive assistance, you can also contact on 0724055174 who are committed to providing help to our valued clients round the clock. We strive to provide the most excellent available product. Advanced Machinery is building machines at "made in China" prices locally here by working with machinery factories and building up assemble lines in Joburg. At last, you still get the very cheap price of machinery made in China and great service and the after-sale support you deserve. Please visit our website: http://am.co.za/ # for CNC Marble Router, Paper Cutter, CNC Laser machine, CNC Plasma and many more.
26 Mar

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Heidelberg-Gauten (Gauteng)

R 147.999


EasyRoute 2000×3000 3kW CNC Wood Router, 380V, Water Cooled Spindle, Vacuum Table (NEW) SKU:R-2030V/30L -> R164999 0724055174 http://am.co.za/router/wood # A great amount of wooddust is created in the process of cutting and carving wood block. That is why our CNC Woodworking Router comes with an amazing dust collection system. Dust cover with brush is provided for every CNC Woodworking Router. It goes a long way in having a cleaner work-space and in prolong the lifespan of the components of the CNC Wood Routing Machine. To get more info about these products please come to our site: http://am.co.za/router/wood # and browse through all its highlights and specifications. In case you have any question please leave us a message or Call at 0724055174 to answer your questions. We assure you that our products will prove essential for your work and it is well worth every Rand spent. Our CNC Wood Routing Machine comes with 4 Hi-Torque 1.8 degree stepper motors which makes it a powerful machine. To make the maintenance of the CNC Woodworking Routering Machine easy, it is provided with a one push lever hand centralized lubricating system. Use automobile engine oil, fill the tank and push the level. This is all you have to do regularly to ensure that all parts are appropriately lubricated. CALL 0724055174 Now or Just visit information page: http://am.co.za/router/wood # Before order any other product, do not regret later for not choose what we sell. It comes with a vacuum table pattern with a vacuum rubber sealing ring. It has been tested in the aerodynamics laboratory and is designed to use most of the power from the 5.5kW water ring vacuum pump. This result is a firm holding of all the materials that needs to be routed on. Contact 0724055174 NOW or Please open details page: http://am.co.za/router/wood # Before buy any other products, do not regret later for NOT known our products. Advanced Machinery is making machines at "made in China" prices here by working with machinery manufactures and building up assemble-lines in Johannesburg. After all, you still get the super cheap price of machine made in China and great services and the after-sales support you deserve. Please open our website: http://am.co.za/ # for CNC Marble Router, Vinyl Cutting Machines, CNC Laser machine, Plasma CNC Cutting Machine and more.
27 Oct

4 photos

Heidelberg-Gauten (Gauteng)

R 162

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