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MetalWise Lite CNC Plasma/Flame Cutting Machine 1300x1300mm with Stepper Motor, Flame Torch and Arc Voltage THC (CNC Plasma Cutter) SKU: P-1313, CNC Plasma Cutter, 0822222359 CNC Plasma Cutter Price: R 33 589.00 Sales Price exl. VAT & Transport, quoted at 2016-9-29 kao8kp3c 0822222359 Rack and Gear for Transmission, Detach Switch Included Allows Manual Movement 7 Inch Colour LCD Display on 800x480 Resolution 64M Internal SDRAM and 256M Storage Place for Upload File Through USB Flush Drive Working Precision Can Achieve 0.2mm/meter Free Flame Cutting Torch for Oxy-Fuel Cutting, and One Set of Propane Nozzle Included Support Standard G-Code for Plasma, Multiple Software Option Available Additional Plasma Function Easy Panel Upgrade Can be Installed for Convenience Two Stepper Motors Used for X and Y Axis Movement Maximum Moving Speed 8000mm/min, Soft-Capped at 6000mm/min 400MHz CPU for Control System with Cutting Simulation and Preview With Arc-Voltage Torch Height Control and Collision Prevention 0822222359 More About CNC Plasma Cutter:CNC Machines from Powered Brand Inventors Whole Workshop DISCAM Video on Flame Cutting by AM's MetalWise CNC Plasma Cutter Water Pump Base Plate Manufactured by AM and CNC Plasma Cutter Product You Will Get in this CNC Plasma Cutter package:(P-FLAME/L) Flame (Oxy-Fuel) Cutting Torch Replacement with Connector for MetalWise Lite CNC Plasma Cutter (P-PORTABLE/T13) 1300mm Fixed Travel Length Track Base for MetalWise Lite CNC Cutting Machine (P-PORTABLE/G13) 1300mm Travel Length Gantry Bar with THC and Flame Cutting Fuel Lines for MetalWise Lite CNC Cutting Machine (P-PORTABLE) MetalWise Lite CNC Plasma/Flame Cutting Control Unit with Stepper Motor, Arc-Voltage THC and Flame Cutting Capability 0822222359 More CNC Plasma Cutter Spare Parts Sell By Us:(P-METALWISE/2E10) MetalWise Plasma 85A Electrode for Mach-Two Air-Cooling Torch Pack of 10 (P-POWERMAX/125) Hypertherm Powermax 125A Three Phase 380V Plasma Cutting System with Mechanized Torch (P-METALWISE/3N20M) MetalWise Plasma 85A Nozzle for Mach-Three Air-Cooling Torch Pack of 20
GaRankuwa (North West)

R 33.589

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