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Φ20mm Silicon Reflection Mirror Plated with Multi-layer Dielectric Film for CO2 Laser Beam New SKU:L-MIRROR/SI/20 for sale R499 0722222211 http://am.co.za/laser/mirror # If it is a priority for you to circumvent your reflection problems, Laser Mirror for CO2 Laser Engraver are your answer. CO2 Laser Mirror and Laser Reflect Mirrors are no unknown in the field. Experts who have to use laser lenses and laser mirrors are clued up with the essence of CO2 Laser Silicon Mirror 20mm . That is because these mirrors are seen to be the most innovative and the perfect solutions to situations that pertain to concerns such as reflection losses. In the event that you happen to be experiencing reflection loss, you have to think about the role of CO2 Laser Mirror & Laser Reflect Mirror You can read through our extensive selection of products on this webpage: http://am.co.za/laser/mirror # We are believing that you will find the suitable products for your work. Have a question, do not hesitate to contact at 0722222211 If you had like to find out more, merely visit http://am.co.za/laser/mirror #. You can count on the URL will help grow you familiar with the most important details related to the CO2 Laser Silicon Mirror 20mm . If you are really considering making a purchase pertaining to these Laser Reflecting Mirrors for Laser Machine then browse over these cool and immensely exciting capabilities: Handling also becomes as easy as pie with the cool foam-based rubber hands. As you touch Laser Cutting Reflecting Mirrors, you will actually be looking at high energy fused pristine mirrors that never falter on performance levels. Laser Engraver Reflecting Mirrors as well as Laser Reflecting Mirrors are undoubtedly going to be absolutely dispersion free. Installing these mirrors is easy. The high range of optical quality that the Laser Reflecting Mirror for CO2 Laser Engraver sports has to be praised in every way. With regards to the range of functionality of these mirrors or reflecting mirrors, remember that both offer the perfect resistance power. This functionality is unique to the Laser Cutter Reflect Mirror. There are certainly other abilities that you need to throw light upon too, like the mirror substrates and residual transmission. To know more about these products please come to our web page: http://am.co.za/laser/mirror # and read through all its features and specs. In case you have any question please leave us a message or call at 0722222211 to answer your questions. We guarantee that our products will prove indispensable for your work and it is well worth every Rand spent. Advanced Machinery is focussed on Computerized Numerical Controlled Machinery, automatic and half-automatic machines with high precision and high output capacity. All our industry machines are for heavy usage, minimized downtime is ensured by quality products, over-stocked parts and always-available technicians. With the machine building blocks from all over the world, for example: machine chassis of China, Servo Motors of Japan, CNC Module of Taiwan, High-Speed spindles of Italy, precision switch of German and power system of America, Advanced Machinery is capable of create world-class machines for the African continent. Please open our website http://am.co.za/ # for CNC Laser Cutter, CNC Vinyl Cutter, CNC Marble Router and Plasma CNC Cutting Machine and many more.

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