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Windows 7 Professional Processor: Intel(R)Core(TM)i CPU 3.10GHz ASUS EAH Silent/DI/1G graphics card 4GB RAM 500GB HDD Game preloaded up to the value of R (Driver san Francisco, Grid 2, LEGO Marvils, LEGO the movie game, LEGO star wars 3, Need for speed most wanted , sleeping dogs, skyrim, Turok, Terraria, Minecraft)   please feel free to contact me on whatsapp at or at   Price is Neg. and please only cash 
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2TB - D-Link ShareCenter 320L for Sale.Please note the following:Includes 2TB Harddrive (Can have a capacity of 6TB)This is a NAS, it must connect to a network to function via router.Cash Only! Deliveries within range. Price NOT neg.Ideal for home useThe D-Link ShareCenter 320L is a NAS (Network Attached Storage), that can be used in the folloing capacity:Simple Use:Media Streaming via DLNA (Stream to Any smart device, as in Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, Smart TVs, IPADs, Smartphones etc.)Torrent Server - 24/7 Downloading for Torrents, more efficient than a whole PC.Cloud Storage (Like Dropbox but you are personal one)iTunes ServerUSB port for external drives etcAdvanced Use:FTP ServerBackup ManagementUser ManagementSurveillance ManagementDifferent RAID Configs are possibleMuch more, please follow the link for more information:
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Good Condition Laptop with windows 7. Kworld software and hardware. 64 Bit operating system. Home use only. Software updates up to date. Serious buyers only. Buyer must collect. NO POSTAGE  price onco. 
Barkly East (Eastern Cape)


10" Athena Android Onyx Wi-Fi Tablet Android 4.1 Jellybean Wi-Fi Tablet for a incredible price of R (Without USB Port) and (With USB Port) Wi-Fi, Playstore, Dropbox, Online Books, games, camera and internal storage... Only 25 with usb and 100 without usb left Make sure to get yours, stock goes quickly Perfect for school kids all specs required and for entertainment purposes Order now!
Barkly East (Eastern Cape)


PowerRoute 1300×2500mm 9kW Spindle CNC Router with Carousel ATC, 8 Tools, Vacuum Table Complete Set NEW SKU:R4-1325V/90 → R699999 0724767510 # Selection of Transmission: We use High Load, High-Speed Ball-Screw, High-Precision Rack and Pinion System with Helical-Teeth 1.6KW Servo motor for Better performance: It comes equipped with 4 powerful servo-motors that can tackle all cutting and carving jobs. There are 4 Servo Motors (1 for X axis, 2 for Y Axis and 1 for Z axis) for High-Speed, High-Acceleration, High Precision & much More Torque. If you have questions about our products then, we would like you to have a look at our website: # in there you will find all the highlights and details of our products. Please feel free to contact at 0724767510 Sign-making Architectural Milling Plexi-glass Fabrication Woodwork Furniture Component Musical Instrument Crafting Cabinetry Aluminum Fabrication HDF Fabrication Arts and Crafts 3 Dimension Carving Boat-Building Ply-wood Fabrication Exhibits and Fixtures Aerospace and More.. Do you know there is a lot of waste of time in changing the tools manually on CNC machine? Is that lower the productivity & efficiency of your work? If you answers are "yes" for these questions, then we have good news for you. Advanced Machinery presents you the Carousel Automatic Tool Changer CNC Router. It is also known by the name of Rotary ATC, Drum ATC CNC Router or Disk ATC CNC Router. ATC stands for Automatic Tool Changing. For CNC Router tool holder tray is mounted next to the spindle and it makes the tool change task fast and reliable. We can only put limited words in this ad. These are only some of the highlights of our products. If you like to know more details please read our detailed product page: #. Please note that all our products come with a strong technical support and/or service maintenance plan. In case you have more queries feel free to contact on 0724767510. Advanced Machinery is focussed on Computer Controlled (CNC), full automatic and semi automatic machines with high precision and high capacity. All our industry machinery is for heavy use, minimized downtime is ensured by quality-build products, overstocked parts and always-available technicians. With the machine spare-parts from worldwide, for example: machine main-body of China, Servo Motors of Japan, CNC Module of Taiwan, Super High-Speed Routing Spindle of Italy, precision Switches of German and Power Supply System of America, Advanced Machinery is capable of create world-class machines for the African continent. Please get more info from our website # for CNC Laser Engraver, Vinyl Cutting Plotter, Marble Router and Plasma Cutting Machines and more.
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R 699.991


USB LED LIGHT 6 Colours are avail  Light up your way, connecting to PC / Laptop / USB Power bank / Any device with USB Port... Product code: USB-LED-BLA USB-LED-B USB-LED-W USB-LED-Y USB-LED-P USB-LED-R Expected date of arrival on 27 Nov , follow us on Facebook or visit our website
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Huawei B68a 3G Wireless Gateway Router - Sim is physically inserted into the device - Connect up to 32 Wi-Fi enabled devices - Internal 3G antenna - HSPA+ - Downlink up to 21 MBP/S - Uplink up to 5.76 MBP/S - Connects up to 4 LAN RJ45 Connections - WLAN: 802.11b/g/n, 300M, WPS - Supports 32 wireless Connections - DHCP server, NAT, DNS relay, router and firewall function
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R 790


ITALY & GERMANY DESIGNED MACHINES.... NEED WE SAY MORE IF YOU LOOKING QUALITY AND PRECISION THAN GIO CNC TOOLING IS THE NAME YOU LOOKING FOR...ALL OUR MACHINES CAME IN DIFFERENT SIZES NOT SURE WHAT TO DO NEXT WHY NOT ADD ON OR START YOUR OWN THING AND GROW.... The System LASER ENGRAVING MACHINCE · Laser engraving is the application of marks or designs to an object through the use of a powerful laser. Although simple in concept, the process of laser engraving is quite complex. A laser engraving system usually involves two main components, the laser and the controller, in addition to the surface to be engraved. The laser is a light that produces a specific "stimulated" emission, producing a visible beam that, when powerful enough, can chip away or even vaporize the surface of certain materials. Because of the precise nature of laser engraving, it is a craft too unstable to be performed by even the most steady hand. This is where the controller enters the picture. The controller comes in a number of forms but is generally a computer system that orchestrates the precise and steady movements required for laser engraving. Either the laser will move, "drawing" vectors onto the surface, or the controller will move the surface in relation to the laser. There are also laser systems designed for unique situations, such as in engraving 3-D objects. MACHINES CNC · Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machines use programming to perform their functions, such as cutting and carving your wood. You can enter in the directions you want the machine to follow, and let the machine do the rest of the work as it carves out designs, such as flowers and human faces, into your wood with its precise cutting tool. You can set the machine to carve, rather than cut, your wood by consulting your machine's manual. Read more: Wood routers come in many sizes, but they all have the same basic design. An electric motor is enclosed in a frame, and a tool bit attaches to the motor shaft and removes material with the rotation of the cutting tool. There are small hand-held routers, plunge-type routers and large routers that are computer controlled that can machine entire sheets of plywood. A VINYL CUTTER CAN ADD VALUE TO YOUR BUSINESS OR A HOBBY A vinyl cutter is an add on (peripheral) to your computer. Using computer software you create what you want cut out of vinyl. Using a cutting blade and the cutter controls to determine the depth of the cutting and the speed, your design is cut from the vinyl. You can think of your vinyl cutter as a printer, but instead of using ink to show your creation, it cuts it out of the vinyl for your use. How Does It Work? · Using a graphic art software program on your computer you format your design and/or words that you want produced in vinyl. Sign cutting software is the most efficient way to do this. Other software images will need to be converted from BMP or JPEG into a vertex-based image. Like sending an image to a printer, your design is sent to the cutter. The vinyl cutter program determines the action of the rollers and blades to exactly reproduce your image with all its curves and lines. - See more at:
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R 96.000


Box of Roland Blades, include 3 Cemented Carbide Blades 45° for General Usage Brand New SKU:V-B3  > R149  # If you would like to know about the pace that keeps the wear and tear of the blade to the most effective level, you can go to #, where you can get a look at of the size of the artwork and the pace to cut the that particulate artwork. We confirm that these blades are offered at an affordable price. In reality, these blades last for two to three months, when utilised daily under normal conditions. On our website, you will also find the price of these blades excluding the VAT that is levied on the price. In fact, the availability of the cutter blades is also displayed on our site along with the code that you require to use while placing your order. A comparison of the prices supplied by us and other reputable manufacturers is also available on our website and you are welcome to look at this information. Apart from selling these blades, we are also stock all of the blades. Go to the information page to place an order  #  Or speak to at   in the event that you have any questions about our item or its add-ons. Advanced Machinery is focussed on Computerized Numerical Controlled Machinery, completely automatic and semi automatic machines with high precision and high capacity. All our industry-usage machinery is for heavy usage, less downtime is ensured by quality-build products, over stocked parts and always available technicians. With the machine spare-parts from worldwide, for example: machine chassis of China, Servo-Motors of Japan, CNC control system of Taiwan, High Speed Routing Spindle of Italy, precision Switches of German and Power System of America, Advanced Machinery is capable of create world-class machines for the African continent. Please open our company website  # for  CNC Laser machine,  Vinyl Cutters,  CNC Routing Machine and  Plasma Cutter  and more.
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Printer, scanner, copier. scan to email, Ethernet capable. Black and white only Overall good working condition supplied with original pedestal Original software on cd Original manuals Full toner on machine buyer to collect
Barkly East (Eastern Cape)


18.5 Inch LG LED Monitor with original box and cables included. Hardly used!!!! Excellent condition. Price negotiable.
Barkly East (Eastern Cape)


BRAND NEW. HARDLY USED Processor: Intel Core iU CPU @ 1.70 GHz Installed RAM: 6.00GB System type: 64 bit Operating System, x64 based processor Product ID: - AAOEM
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Like new hardly been used.. Still in new condition.. Very powerful machine and very smart looking... Works perfect.. Its a core i3 with 500gb hdd and 4gb ram.. It comes with a laptop bag and brand new Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse.. Cash only.. Call or whatsapp 0638929492
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R 3.800


Hp 45 color copier 290 original black printer ink x 2 very hard to get these,only available at some outlets now discontinued, also for HP deskjet,HP design net,HP office jet and HP photosmart R250 for both
Barkly East (Eastern Cape)

R 250

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