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see list of items included after description) Description: There is a very good reason every photo teacher demanded the K be used in their classes: because the K is an extraordinary camera that forces you to think about your picture instead of your camera. Exactly like Apple, simplicity is the K's greatest strength. All the irrelevant foolishness that chokes fancier cameras, and especially digital cameras, never gets in the way of a great picture with the K. While DSLR shooters are standing there cursing at their cameras when they can't figure out why it won't take the picture when they press the shutter, the K just keeps shooting. The Pentax K is a 35mm SLR. It is completely mechanical and needs no battery to run, except for one tiny A76 cell to run its light meter. Unlike the "automated" digital nonsense with which too many people burden themselves, the K has only three shooting controls: aperture, shutter speed and focus. (You also set the film speed when you load it.) The"manual" K lets us take great pictures with only three controls, while fully automatic cameras of today have hundreds of controls that need to be set. Not only does the Pentax K only have three controls, it even tells us exactly how to set each of these controls all by itself! The Pentax K is so brilliant that you never need to turn the meter or camera on or off: both are always on for instant picture taking! The Pentax K's brilliant exposure meter has an in-finder zone-system indicator. The middle is Zone V, and up and down the scale are the other (unmarked) Zones. Easy. The K's shutter button is much smoother than any LEICA made since , with none of the LEICA's notchiness that blurs long exposures. The Pentax K has a shutter-ready indicator right next to the shutter button - you don't have to guess if the film is wound or not to the next frame. Orange (as shown) means ready, and black means not wound. Brilliant! *Marexar Auto 2x Teleconverter (PK) *Sony Tele Conversion Lens x 1.5 *Sony Wide Conversion Lens x0.7 VCL-A * Kenko Mirage Lens *Kenko Optical Filter *Royal 52mm UV MC Sakari Zoom Lens 1:45 (f=80mm-210mm) *SMC Pentax - M mm Lens *Luxon Phototechnics 124TZ Thyristor (wide 1-35mm wide2-28mm) *Movie Light - Liserlux - Quarz Jodin Lamp w V ( lumen) Mint condition Cash (R) not neg


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