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Metal Gun Type Waterproof Outdoor Bullet IP Camera WIFI Wireless Security Camera Supports Smart Phone Remote View. We sale both retail and wholesale. Price in ad it's the retail price. Buy 5 units or more and we will give you wholesale price. - IN STOCK! - The best affordable security camera on the market. - Contact us for more information. - Payment on collection. - Can arrange delivery. CONTACT US ON: Phone WhatsApp Yours sincerely/ SA GLOBAL MERCHANT
27 Dec

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South Africa

R 1.799


Charge almost any type of phone using this universal charger kit. Use it at home, office or when travelling. Package Includes: 1 X Wall Charger 1 X Multifunctional USB Cable for different Kinds of Phones 1 X Car Charger *For those who cannot collect from me locally note that postage of this product is available within South Africa at an extra charge of R30. A tracking number will be provided.
22 Dec
South Africa


This is the most reliable and user friendly vodacom wireless desktop public phone in the market that can be used indoors and outdoors and also in a small business premised for outgoing calls and incoming calls. It can also be used as an office phone. These phones are very cheap per minute. 70 cents per minute, that is very cheap for reducing high telephone bills. No installation, no connection fee, no monthly bills no line rental unlike telkom line. That is a deal "Pay as you use." This can be used as a subsidiary phone in offices, schools, at home, religious organizations, under serviced areas where network is bad, rural areas and everywhere in South Africa. Calls overseas are much more cheaper in terms of rate. It also comes with R400 airtime, already available.
21 Dec
South Africa

R 899


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20 Dec
South Africa

R 1.500


Charge almost any type of phone using this universal charger kit. Use it at home, office or when travelling. Package Includes: 1 X Wall Charger 1 X Multifunctional USB Cable for different Kinds of Phones 1 X Car Charger  
16 Dec
Durban (KwaZulu Natal)

R 44


I phone 5 unlocked, in a supper condition, looking for a new home Please no chasers, only cash buyer,
05 Dec
South Africa


The Bluetooth phone adapter makes life easy by letting you use just about any Bluetooth headset with a standard landline phone for hands free communicationBluetooth Phone AdapterWith a standard RJ11 input you can connect your phone line to this adapter and then use the output port to plug in your landline phone. Sitting between your phone and the wall socket your telecommunication can be directed through almost any Bluetooth headset with this adapter. Having a transmission range of 10 meters it lets you walk around the office or at home and get on with important tasks while chatting on the phone, great for the busy manager or housewife juggling a hundred tasks at once. Hands-free communication in your home or office is simple and quick top set up, increasing your efficiency and productivity.At a Glance...Land Line Phone AdapterBluetooth Version: 3.0Operating Range Up to 10 metersManufacturer SpecificationsGeneralBluetooth Version: 3.0Supported Profile: Audio gateway in headset profileFrequency: 2.4 to GHz (ISM band)Operating Range: Up to 10 metersPhone jack: Two RJ-11 ports (one for line in; one for extension)Regulator: Internal 1.8V regulatorAntenna: Internal PCB antennaOperating temperature: -5 to 50 Degree CelsiusAdapter: Input: AC100 to 240V, HZ; Output: DC6V, 300mASupport stereo sound, supports a variety of Bluetooth headsetsButton: pair button, on/off buttonPortsRJ-11 Line PortRJ-11 Telephone PortMicro USB, DC 6VDimensionsMain Product Dimensions: 89x45x104 mm (L x W x D)Main Product Weight: 90gPackage ContentsPhone AdapterPower AdapterPlug Adapter (US –Europe adapter)Phone LineUser Manual
04 Dec
South Africa

R 1.649


Cordless Home or Office Telkom Phone B200 with an Additional Handset For Sale Priced at R495 Call Shamo or
03 Dec
Cape Town (Western Cape)

R 495


Mini Quadband GSM Voice Activate Device 2G Sim Card Ear Bug Listening Device Are your kids safe online? Is your spouse cheating on you? Is your family hiding things behind you? What people actually got in their head? (It's common that some just do not to tell you the truth straight to the face) This GSM Device for inspection DEFINITELY can help you get all the answers/FACTS SECRECTLY! Easy to use Just Insert a GSM SIM card into the slot and put the audio bug at hidden place,then dial the card number to monitor your target,you will hear the sound arround the bug Bug will automatically dial your phone when it hears any sound over 45db It can be used for remote monitoring, home surveillance, automotive anti-theft tracking, child custody This two way GSM audio device calls you when it detects sounds around its vicinity. How awesome is that? Simply insert a GSM SIM card and program it to your desired phone number for call back and now you're in the spy business! Trying to find out the truth about what's being said behind your back? Now you can from a distance. You can even place several of these audio devices and set them up at your desired locations like the bedroom, living room, conference room or office. Just insert a SIM card into the audio device and your bug is active and ready for action! Manufacturers Specification Primary Function: Tri-band GSM Two-Way Audio Device Materials: Molded Plastic Color: Black GSM Frequency Compatibility: Tri-band (900MHz, MHz, MHz) Microphone Range: 5-7 meter radius Power: Built In Rechargeable Li-ion Battery Dimensions: 4 x 3 x 1 (cm) Product Notes You can recharge the audio device by connecting the USB charger cable to the power charger SIM CARD MUST BE UNLOCK FROM PIN NUMBER (otherwise it cannot works with the bug deivce)
30 Nov
South Africa


Control your Business/Factory/Home from your Cell Phone. Send SMS commands to turn on lights, equipment alarms etc. Monitor your alarms, power, water level, refrigerators while you are away from your, Factory, Shop. Business or home. The CELLCOP Has the following features: 8 inputs. 8 outputs. Battery Charger input. Battery Input. 2 Optional Analogue Inputs. Optional Temperature Monitor. Optional Humidity Monitor. Optional LCD Display Comes with setup CD and software. PC Cable. Ideal for those with a technical flair. Back up and support available from manufacturer.
25 Nov
Johannesburg (Gauteng)

R 1


you are staying around gauteng and you are in need of modems, wi fi routers, business and home phones, landline, broadband, or you just wish...
20 Nov
South Africa

R 99


cracked screens, water damaged phones, broken charger points and frazzled home buttons and keyboards… this is why we established fix mob...
19 Nov
South Africa


The Cell Tydi combines electrical connection and storage for up to three cell phones and their chargers. To activate the chargers, just flick the luminous on/off switch. The Cell Tydi also offers three hooks for house and car keys and a handy compartment for a notebook and pencil. With the keys and cell phone in one place it is difficult to forget one or the other when leaving home or office. The notebook and pencil make sure that paper is always handy to write down important numbers and messages. A notebook and pencil are included with every unit. The Cell Tydi also accommodates small digital or video cameras and their chargers, Ipods, Electric shavers and many other small sized devices with charger.The Cell Tydi ensures that cell phones, chargers and car keys are always in one place and easy to find. The Cell Tydi is easy to relocate or take with on vacation – simply unplug the unit and pack in suitcase with the chargers in place. The Cell Tydi also makes charging phones easy to remember and users with Bluetooth ear pieces can leave the phone in the unit. Additionally, the Cell Tydi keeps expensive cell phones out of reach of small children. The Cell Tydi is connected to the mains outlet by way of a sturdy three-core electrical cable and a molded three or two-pin plug, depending on the country. The electrical sockets contained in the unit are universal and accommodate all makes of chargers used throughout the world. Only the wall plug changes to suit the country of destination. Cell Tydi makes the perfect promotional or corporate gift and easily lends itself to branding. The Cell Tydi is made from non combustible plastic and is available in a range of appealing colours.  This one is blue. Cell Tydi is designed to last and looks great anywhere! Slight surface scratching on container box due to storage. Packaging and Postage R50. Allow 3 to 5 working days for delivery and a tracking number will be forwarded within 48 hours of purchase.          
12 Nov
Wartburg (KwaZulu Natal)

R 95


Ideal replacement for your current home phone • Call mobiles and landlines as well as making free Skype to Skype calls • Easy setup – no computer required • Two Skype accounts and supports up to four handsets per base station • Colour display and crystal clear audio
10 Nov
Pietersburg (Limpopo)

R 100


With our All-In-One Access Controller, you are able to open gates, switch ON and OFF lights, and switch ON and OFF pool pump by sending an SMS or MISSED CALL from your Cellphone no matter where you are in the world. You don't need to be home to do all this cause the same way you sms or call someone from your phone, is same do to your home. All we need to you is a registered SIM CARD of your prefered cellphone network. No contracts or monthy fee to pay as this is a onces off payment.
06 Nov
Durban (KwaZulu Natal)

R 4

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